An Opening To Happiness (Joe Jonas Love Story) Part 2

aww thanks so much for all the comments! Hope your liking it girlzz!

Chapter 1

Part 2

You wake up with a major headache. You look around and realize your tucked into your bed with bandages wrapped around your wrist. Your mom was sitting on a chair beside your bed reading one of her latest favorite novels "A Life Become". She noticed you staring at her and she gave you a warm smile. Emma babe how are you feeling? You shrugged, you care all the sudden? Her warm smile was gone an in instant. You listen to me young lady, you want to go to counseling again? Remember all the stuff you went through when people saw your wrists! I am one string away from calling your counselor. You sat up, mom please don't! I am really sorry, I was just upset. She looked at you with worried eyes, Em.. what happens when you get upset again? You couldn't keep eye contact with her. You looked down at your wrists, ashamed. She got up with a sigh. Well Emma, get packed up. We are moving to California... I am tired of this life. We are starting fresh and maybe the sun down there can tan up your pale complexion. And no more of this will happen in California, got it? You nodded. She left the room. You got up and washed off your face and looked at yourself for a minute in the mirror. Your light blonde hair falling down into your face, your pale brown eyes looking back at you with sadness and depression you never had recognized before. You left the bathroom and began the long journey of packing, no use in putting it off... After a whole day of packing, your room was finally empty. Except for the bed you weren't planning on keeping and the closet of course. Everything was jam packed into your moms small mini van. Your dad never came back and your mom refused to talk about it. You went into your parents bedroom. Your mom was laying on the bed reading her novel. She patted the bed "signaling to come and lay by her"... you laid down with a weird sense that you were going to cry. All the sudden the tears flooded over you and your mom wrapped her arms around you and quietly sung your favorite nursery rhyme. You fell asleep.. and next thing you knew it was the morning of Christmas Eve. You woke up feeling like a bus had hit you at maximum speed. Your mom had already got up. You went down the stairs and was surprised to see that your mom was starting the car. She came back inside, Emma Lee! Go get your butt upstairs and get dressed if you want to make our flight. So you dressed in the comfiest clothes you could find and sprinted out to the car. You slept most of the way on the plane and the next thing you heard was the over weight flight attendant telling you the temperature for Los Angelas California! You looked out of the window and saw towering skyscrapers,palm trees,lots of traffic, and the ocean! You were amazed! Maybe your mom was right, this could be your fresh start...


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