An Opening To Happiness (Joe Jonas Love Story) Part 1

I am really excited about this series! Hope you like it! Comment and Rate... thanks sooo much! _Joslyn

Chapter 1

Part 1

You open the back door to your Chicago Suburban house. It was a Tuesday, the day you get out for Christmas Break. You slide your backpack off your shoulders and cringe at the sound of screaming coming from the next room. "Well Diane maybe if you would remember to pay the bills we wouldn't have to be in this situations" screamed your dad. "Oh well excuse me for forgetting it for once" screamed back your mom. It was really bad this time, you could tell. You hurry up the stairs to your room and blare your "Paramore" CD at top volume to block out the yelling. About ten minutes the screaming had finally came to an end. You turn off your music and flip on the TV set up in your room. (you rarely used it, it just made you feel worse about things. Knowing the only reason you got it was because it was your fathers way of showing his love. Buying things...) the channel was flipped on "E News"... some reporter was babbling on about recent break-ups. Reporter- Joe Jonas, finally has came out with the truth, rumors had been filling up the media about the split of Twilight Star, Ashley Greene and Camp Rock star, Joe Jonas. It is official. You roll your eyes. Not getting any pity out of me. Stupid celebrities think they have it so bad, pshh look at me. My parents screaming at me, and not even caring if their only daughter made it home safely from school. You turn off the TV and sigh. You hear a soft knock at your door. Um yeah, its open. Your mom walks in with tear streaked eyes, hi sweetie. We need to talk about something. She sits down slowly on the edge of your bed. ("you think to yourself" last time she "needed to talk" was when she accidentally flushed your pet goldfish "Sammy" down the toilet. You didn't expect much better) me and your father have been talking. You cut her off, oh yeah mom? More like screaming, you think I am a child or something. I am not that oblivious. So go ahead and talk adult to adult with me. She sighed, okay Emma. Fine, you want the truth? We are divorcing. You were speechless. No words could escape from your mouth. I mean you knew your parents fought, and yeah things got ugly but never in your right mind did you expect this. Her eyes welled with tears, I know that was hard news. We are getting out of here as soon as possible. Maybe even before Christmas. You shake your head in disbelief, and just wished you could disappear. Later that night after you had came back from the shower, you noticed your mom had slipped some boxes into your room. You hung your towel on your dresser and at the corner of your eye you could see your dads SUV pulling out of the driveway. Without a goodbye.. he was gone. You had never felt more hatred towards your parents. They didn't even care how you felt. You slammed your head against your wall and screamed out in pain. You fell to the ground crying. You crawled to the bathroom and pushed back the shower curtain. You reached for your razor. You swore to yourself this would never happen again... you held out your wrist and put the razor over your skin and watched as the blood trickled down to the floor. You kept on doing that until the pain beat the ache in your heart. You didn't even notice your mom creep into the bathroom. She screamed, and grabbed you hard. But it was to late, the damage was done and you felt like vomiting. The rest of the night was a blur....


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