I know, but I love him (A Draco Malfoy Story)

My first story..be nice(:
! i n f o !
Name: Rosalina Annalyn Jones
Year&House: 5 & Gryffindor
Eyes: Sapphire blue with violet specks
Hair: Dark brown hair
Blood Status: Pure
the story will kind of follow the books. i'm going to add some more things to it though.
Ideas?! COMMENT!

Chapter 3

Heartbreaking, Offensive, Merciless Jerks

Early the next morning, I think about seven o'clockish? I don't know. Anyway, I woke up smiling. I turned my head. I found what I was hoping to be Malfoy was actually my bed. I might have been dreaming, but I was pretty sure that I fell asleep with Malfoy..in his room..last night..? I was so confused. I changed into short shorts, a cami, and a blue, white and pink plaid button up shirt that was left open. I slipped on some flip-flops and headed downstairs hoping breakfast would clear things up a little bit.
When I got to the table, their house elf Ash asked me if i wanted something for breakfast. I asked for some toast and orange juice.
"Thank you, sweetie" I said when she brought me breakfast.
"ASH! Give me the usual..NOW!" barked none other than the heartbreaking, double crossing, two faced Malfoy.
"Yes, young master." before Ash cowered away to the kitchen.
"Geezus, Malfoy. Relax a little bit." I said trying lessen the harshness put upon Ash.
"Jones, you can judge me when you get to know me." he retorted.
"Well, obviously I don't know you! I'm pretty sure I fell asleep last night in YOUR bed, in YOUR room, with YOU! This morning I woke in MY room, in MY bed, by MYSELF! But who cares right? I'm just a useless sl_t at your service, MISTER Draco Malfoy!" and with that I stormed to my room and slammed the door in fury. I canNOT believe I actually thought he was different this year! Ugh, I canNOT believe I actually liked him! Did I really like him at once? Do I like him? Well, it doesn't matter now because I do NOT date heartbreaking, offensive, merciless jerks who use girls.

-sorry it's taking so long to get these posted & so short. i'm a little low on inspiration. i promise i'll make it up to you ASAP. thanks so much for reading. i'm hoping for a little inspiration soon(:-xoxo, Megan<3

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