I know, but I love him (A Draco Malfoy Story)

My first story..be nice(:
! i n f o !
Name: Rosalina Annalyn Jones
Year&House: 5 & Gryffindor
Eyes: Sapphire blue with violet specks
Hair: Dark brown hair
Blood Status: Pure
the story will kind of follow the books. i'm going to add some more things to it though.
Ideas?! COMMENT!

Chapter 2

Dinner with the Malfoys

It was like a fairytale, walking down those stairs. It was like a dream. Whoa! Whoa!-what was i thinking. Malfoy..my dream?! What the heck? Am I going crazy?! I will NOT fall for Draco Malfoy the son of a death eater.
"Hello? Earth to Rosalina? Hello?" a voice usually associated with hate said with concern.
"What? Oh, sorry. What?"
"Your chair? Are you going sit down? Draco has kindly pulled your seat out for you." my mother said.
"Oh, yeah..thank you very much, Draco" I said and reluctantly sat down.
Draco smirk and I glared at him. Just long enough so our parents wouldn't see it. It just so happens that I sat with my father on the right and malfoy on my left. And wouldn't you know it? He kept stepping on my foot 'on accident'. We had supper and apparently it's a custom at the Malfoy Manner to get escorted out with the person who escorted you in. Drac-I mean Malfoy asked his father if we were excused and Lucius said yes. He held his arm out and I automatically grabbed it as if it was nothing unusual. We went up the stairs to the hallway with our bedrooms. I opened my door and he let me go.
It was a couple hours later and the parents were asleep. I couldn't get to sleep so i figured I'd explore the place. I didn't necessarily watch Draco go to his room so i didn't know which bedroom to stay away from. First, i went the room right across from mine. It was a bedroom with white walls. I guess it was a spare room. The one next to mine was identical to the one before. I tiptoed to the one across from that and wouldn't you know..i found out where Dra- I meanMalfoys's bedroom was. I opened the door and it was absolutely completely Slytherin colors. I could've guessed that but still. I was about to barf when i found myself going inside the room. He was sleeping in just green and black boxers. The covers were all tossed around and barely covered his body. I really really really hoped he wouldn't wake up to see me in there. But guess who's wishes never come true? Mine. Yeahh, he woke up. With a smirk "Hey, Jones. Looking for a cuddle buddy?" then he moved over and patted the spot next him.
"Yeah, in your dreams, Malfoy." I wanted to turn and leave but i couldn't help but look at his almost nakedd body.
He looked shocked "How would you know?"
I was awed. The notorious Draco Malfoy liked Me?!
He looked disappointed "Don't trip on your way out, Rose"
"What'd you call me?!" i said surprised but not in a bad way.
He looked nervous "Jones. I called you Jones."
I don't know what i was thinking but i smiled and walked over to his bed with him. He put the covers around me and made sure i was comfortable. Just as i was about to fall asleep, I heard "sweet dreams, dear Rosalina Annalyn Jones"

----how to continue?! i have a few ideas, but suggestions will help! thanks a bunch for reading. it really means a lot. Do you like it? Should i stop writing it?---

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