I know, but I love him (A Draco Malfoy Story)

My first story..be nice(:
! i n f o !
Name: Rosalina Annalyn Jones
Year&House: 5 & Gryffindor
Eyes: Sapphire blue with violet specks
Hair: Dark brown hair
Blood Status: Pure
the story will kind of follow the books. i'm going to add some more things to it though.
Ideas?! COMMENT!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: You have got to be kidding

"Rosie, honey! We have a surprise for you."
"Mom, let me sleep! There's only a week until schools starts!"
"Rosaline Annalyn Jones, get dressed and down here in two minutes."
That's when I found out the 'big' news. I was told that my family is moving in with the Malfoys. Why, do you ask? Because my parents don't want to live amoung muggles anymore. If you ask me I think they're going crazy. But anyway, I packed and was ready to go by 2:00. By the time we got to the Malfoy Manor, it was 5:30, almost time for supper.
"Oh, hello there, Joseph, Diane. And you must be Rosalina."
"Yeah, i am."
"How pretty you are! You and Draco would make a beeeeaaauuutiful couple."
Barf! "Yeah, wouldn't we?" trying to stifle the laughter.
"DRACO! Get down here now and help this fine young lady to her room."
Malfoy carried two of my bags leaving me with one. He led me to a room, dropped my stuff and said "here's your room, bye." and left.
I opened the door, and wouldn't you believe it! It was Gryffindor heaven! The bed was gryffindor colors, there were posters of quidditch players that were gryffindors! I thought i was going to faint.
Malfoy came back and said "dinner's in ten minutes. i'll be back in five. get ready. and wear something nice for once."
I looked in my closet and saw that there was already clothes in there for me..crazy. Don't get me wrong, they were gorgeous but how do the Malfoy's know my size? Anyway, i settled with a dark sparkly blue dress that matched my eyes with black see through lace over top. I put my hair in a messy bun, a little bit of eyeliner, a little bit of blue eyeshadow, black flats, and a old necklace with a heart hanging down. I heard a knock on the door, i ran over to the door and opened it. It was Malfoy. I gasped, he looked more amazing than he usually did. I mean i used to like him but then i found out he was a big jerk face. He had on a tux. His grey eyes were so intimidating.
He hesitated for a little bit, blinked quickly a couple times and looked at my eyes. "Whoa-i mean ready Jones?" back to the usual snobby tone.
"Not willingly, but i guess" with an identical tone.
He snickered. I shut my door leaving my safe, gryffindor paradise and held Malfoy's waiting arm. We were desending and our parents were awed.

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