Harry potter love story 2!!

Chapter 1

harry potter

To see the face of Ron...
Ron: hey i dont mean to be rude but umm.... if snape finds you in here yall are dead and if were late were dead so...... let`s go!!
H: hey thanks mad i would have lost track of time with out you......(looks, and you smiles)
R: thats why im ur bestfriend and when needed ur look out
then you start running down the hallway to potions cause if u were late u were going to be dead. the was one one thing snape hated more than gryfinndor and that was a late gryfinndor. Yall ran in and sat down in ur usally spots out of breath. Hermione then U Harry and last Ron.
Hermione: what wrong with you 3 ???
U: Ill tell u later but we just didnt want to be late so we ran.
Then the bell rang and everything got quite. Snape walked around for a minute and then came up on u harry and ron.
Snape: Why are you 3 so out off breath ?
R: no reason Proff.
U: we were just running alittle late so we.....speed walk from the commom room.
You notice that out harry was looking at u. you were wonderin why he was. so you turned to face him without saying a word. And Pasted him the notewhen snape was looking.
~ ~ note:: between u and harry ~~
U: why r lookin at me ?
H: cause u r the most beautiful thing in the world. :)
U: Awww not really but ur sweet :)
H: No you really are but......
U: but wat ??
H: but ur not cause ur not beautiful ur gorgeous :)
U: AWWW :) <3
H: ummm... i have a Question
U: Anything...
H: will you be my girlfriend?
U: NO....jk of course!!! :) i would love to b!! :)
H: o thank God!!! sooo love can i hold ur hand ?
U: of course
~ ~ end of note ~ ~
So harry slowly took ur hand in his, kissed ur s hand lighty and then put ur hand on the desk for the world to see you to sat there the rest of class with all the classes eyes on you 2. The bell rang and Draco Malfoy came up to you. as u were waiting for harry at the door.
Draco: hey baby i saw that little hand holding thing yeah thats nice and alll but dont u want a real man like me.. who would kiss you on the lips or cheek 5 times in class and not just hold your hand ?
U: Yeah i do and my real man is and will b harry until he tell me he isnt in love with me anymore.
D: whatever baby but when that thing aint enough anymore. Reminder i`m always here...:)
you just ignored him and then he grab u by the waist and pull into him and try to kiss you but u move to much. and then harry ran over.
Harry: get ur nasty little hands off my girl friend!!!! U........


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