My Collection Of Scary Stories

Each chapter will be a completely different scary/horror story. I get all of these offline but I may change them a bit. Please tell me if you like them and if I should continue to write them :) thanks

Chapter 1


by: DarkRosez
Children often have an active imagination, don't they? It's not unusual for even little boys to have an imaginary friend or even a doll to put the blame on. The little boy that I'm focusing on now is Robert Eugene Otto. He was born in 1900 to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Otto in a rather wealthy home. In that home, they had servants and cooks and anything a young child would want to serve him. However, Robert craved a companion to play with, and because of his position in the house, his wish was of coarse, granted.
Their favorite maid gifted him with a doll about the size of a four year old. Robert adored him, though it came from a maid who is said to have practiced voodoo and other dark rituals.
Robert didn't care. He loved the doll and was often heard talking to him in his room for long hours. He said that the doll was 'like' him, and so the doll too was named Robert.
Workers in the house recall hearing giggles when the young Robert wasn't at home coming from his room. When a vase or something else was knocked over, Robert the Doll was always the one to blame. Roberts parents though were not worried. Not until something that must have been commited by something 'from the pit of Hel*' as they described it.
The Otto family awoke that early morning in October to shrieks coming from the turret room. Mr. Otto ran up there with no more than a baseball bat. He opened the door and there lay pieces of their nurse maid sprawled out across the floor. All of her limbs had been ripped off and were positioned to shape a circle. And in the middle was her two eye balls. They had been gouged out with a crucifix that she wore around her neck. It looked as though she had been attacked by a bear, with inhuman scratches that looked as though they were made by claws dragged threw her torso and amputated limbs. Blood was splattered everywhere, but was mostly gathered in a pool around her mangled body.
Despite this gruesome scene infront of him, Mr. Otto refused to notify the police. He ordered three maids to clean up what was left of their friend and forced everyone in the house swear to secrecy on the event. The former maid had no family left and was not missed outside the house. She is said to be buried in the backyard with only a lone rock to mark her resting place.
There were of coarse other occurences of a strange demonic presence and influence. The members of the household were scared and were terrifies to speak up, but the occurences quickly escalated and soon another maid was found. She was found murdered in the same fashion as the other. Nothing was done. Nothing until their little Robert was found getting ready to hang himself off a tree in their back yeard in the dead of night. The cook found and stopped him before it was too late, but as he dragged the nine year old boy inside he was screaming at the top of his lungs "ROBERT WANTS ME TO! NO! ROBERT WANTS ME TO!"
The Otto household was mortified by the accusation that him words unintentionally brought. Robert the Doll was moved to the atic. Of coarse however, it isn't fair to judge someone without getting their point of view also. Let's step into Roberts mind for a minute and take in what he would have been feeling. What he thought justified Robert the Doll's gruesome murders.

It's quiet through out the house. It's the perfect time to make my move. Robert will be waiting. He doesn't like to wait. I know that. I must go now, I must. Robert will be happy then. We want Robert to be happy.
I quickly got out of bed and slipped through my creaky door into the hallway. Making my way quickly up the stairs, I bearly made them creak. But Robert knew I was coming. He always knew. I got up to the spot where the attic hatch is and slowly pulled it down in hopes to be as quiet as possible.
The stairs unfolded before me and I made my way up. I couldn't see Robert, but he was there.
"Hello Robert." Robert the Doll's voice spoke to me, but not outloud, in my head. I bowed my head, for Robert hated it when I spoke. I felt a small, cold hand on my arm. "Could I do something?" his voice rang in my head again. I nodded quickly, knowing he doesen't like being delayed. I ponderd for a second what he was going to do. Usually when he asked that question, he would bit me or slap me. Something that would hurt. Then his voice, ice cold, woud speak to me in my head and tell me why he had to do it. Robert always had a reason.
Just then, I felt a sharp pain in my eye. At that same moment I heard Robert's menacing voice in my head "I need your eyes. I need your soul. I need to se what is unseen and feel what is unfelt." As I processed these words, he gouged out my eyes. I was confused, but I didn't know why. I fell to my knees and screamed as Robert dug deeper into my eye socket. It was so dark. I was going to die. Robert had appearently retrieved my left eye and now went for my right. I tried with all my stregth to resist, but couldn't. The right came out easier than the left, but I was still in agony. The pain was so great, as was my blood loss, I began to feel light headed. In a matter of seconds, my body shut down in order to protect itself, though I knew that no matter how hard it tried, I would not wake up. This was the end of my short life. Robert Otto would leave the world without even knowing it. And with that thought in my mind, I let go of the strand of conciousness left in my mind and fell into the black pit below me with no fear whatsoever, except one. Robert the Doll had been victorious.

Robert Eugene Otto left this world on November 2, 1909. But not before spending a day in the hospital with only one other patient who he didn't even know the name of. This very patient, George Koppen, listened as poor blind Robert told his story. George wrote it down without thinking. This is how the story of Robert Otto and Robert the Doll is able to be told. How the history of Robert the Doll will live on. And how we know that there is a force out there greater than us and much more evil.

The true story of Robert the Doll can be found here --
Yes, I made my own additions to the story :) Hope you liked it!

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