Vampire love (a Edward Cullen love story)

Vampire love (a Edward Cullen love story)

Name: Kasie DePree
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Human: Hazel Vampire: Crimson
Lives in: Forks Washington
About her: She is has been living in Forks for a 17 years, but she is in love with Edward Cullen, but he is dating Bella. She doesn't want to break those two up just to date him. She loves to draw, write, and read. Her vampire power is that she can shield just like Bella Cullen.

Chapter 1

Forks Washington

One day, I walking into school, and I saw him. He's beautiful crimson eyes, hazel hair, and just everything about him. I didn't know how to express my feelings for him. I felt like he didn't even know I excised, but he knew because I was his sister Alice's friend. I just waved at him, and once he turned around I said,"Stupid! Stupid me!" I was hitting myself almost 20 times in the head. Then Alice walk up to me and said," Kasie?" "Sh.t!" I said jumping. Jasper just chuckled. "Oh, hey Alice. What's up?" "Oh nothing much. Hey, do you want to come over tonight?" "Sure, I'd love to!" I said.

Alice's P.O.V

"Sure, I'd love to!" She said. "Great, I'll see you after school!" I said. I was very excited that she was coming over tonight. Once she walked away Jasper said,"Alice, her mood changes every time she is around Edward. First of all, she is fine once we are with her, but her mood changes onces she's around him." "I know that Jasper. We had a little talk one night. She loves him. But she doesn't want to break Bella and Edward up, just to date him." "Oh." I felt like she was going to die or something, because first of all, she loved him, and second of all, she didn't know how to tell him.

Edward's P.O.V

My thrust was racing today. "Edward, what's wrong?" Bella asked. "Nothing." "You seem like you want to kill someone." "Bella, I'm thirsty." "Oh." Bella was 109 years old, and I was 309. I knew that it was going to be hard around Kasie, because her blood was like Bella's. I wanted to kill her. At lunch, she walk up and brushed her hair back, and I coved my mouth. I wanted to get out of here. Her blood was racing down her throat, her scent, I just wanted to tackle her and drink her blood. The venom in my mouth was foaming, the monster inside me was say,"Go ahead Edward, no one will see it. Go, get it. Go." I didn't want to, but Alice thought,Edward, are you ok? I gave her the little sign. Who is it? I nodded to Kasie. Why? I pointed to my throat. Oh She left it at there. Then I said,"I'm going to get some air." "Ok. See you in art Edward." Kasie said. "Yes, I'll see you." I walk out in a hurry, I didn't want to kill the poor girl. I need fresh air. Once outside, I breath in some air, even though I didn't need it. Oh God, this is better I thought to myself. Then Bella came. I could smell her form a mile away. "Edward?" "Yes?" "Are you ok?" "Yes." "Why did you need to get fresh air?" "Because I was about to kill Kasie." "Uh....why?" "You know how I was about to kill you?" "Yes." "She is just like you. I can't handle it, I need to get some air." "Oh ok then."

Normal P.O.V

I wondered why Edward was out in a hurry. I asked Alice,"Alice, why was Edward gone so early?" "Because he need some fresh air" "But why?" "Because." "Oh." I didn't want to talk anymore about it. I just sat there looking at my half eaten pizza. "I have to get to art right now." "Ok, see ya in writing." "Yes. I'll see you." I walk over to and threw the rest of my food away and walk out the same door Edward did, but he was sitting talking to Bella about something. "Oh, hello Edward." He turned and looked at me with his crimson eyes, and said,"Hello Kasie. I'll be right there." "Ok." I walk into building three and I walk into the art room and sat down where Edward and I always sit in art. I got my sketchbook out and was finishing my project which was you had to draw your crush, which by the way was a little stupid, but I really don't care. So I was drawing Edward, and I was on his hair. I decided to draw him sitting by a window looking outside. Anyways, I was at his hair, and he came in and saw me drawing him. "Nice." I looked up form my sketchbook and looked at him. "Thanks." He pulled out his, and I could see he drew Bella. It was very good really. "Nice." "Thanks." "So......." "So you like me?" I just blushed and said," Yes." "Oh, because that picture looks just like me." "Well, I saw you sitting at a window, and I began drawing you, because I knew that I would only get it when your sitting at a window." "Oh cool." I knew where he drew Bella. He drew her sitting outside holding their little cousin Renesmee. She looked just like Bella and Edward, be she was so cute at the same time. "How old is she?" "14" "She looks just like you and Bella." "I know." He just sighed lovely. I think he missed her, but I wasn't sure about it.

Edward's P.O.V

I thought I would never get threw this day, because first of all, I was thirsty, and second, I wanted to kill her. Even though, she had to go to writing in about one hour, I couldn't handle it. I was just about to get up and leave, but I didn't want to because first of all, she would think that I didn't like her, and second, I just might break her heart. Because she loved me. I didn't want to hurt her in anyway. It was just too much to handle today, and anyways she was coming over tonight. But I really didn't care because she was very nice, and second I would be done with hunting at that time. So I didn't know what else to talk about to her, but once the teacher came in and cheek out artwork, she stopped and looked at both of ours like 20 times before she moved on. Then she came back and took our sketchbooks and turned to overhead on, and said,"These are two very excellent pieces of work. I'm not going to say their names, but the first one is Edward Cullen siting down looking out of a window, and the second one is Bella Cullen and their cousin Renesmee Cullen. Nice job the both of you for these excellent pieces of work." Then she walk over to us and handed our books back. I didn't know why Kasie was blushing, but I hope she wasn't blushing about me.

Normal P.O.V

I was blushing like crazy, because first of all, the class knew I like Edward, and second of all, because after class, they walk up to me and said,"Nice drawing." And the only world I could get out of my mouth was,"Thanks." I didn't know what to do after art class because, I was blushing.

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