Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 54

Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 54

the end is a little confusing but it will be clear soon.

Chapter 1

Chapter 54

by: ImBack_
------Justin's POV---

I got dressed and went out to the car as we drove to a radio station interview. I was sitting next to jasmine in the back when i felt a hand rubbing on my arm.

"You seem tense." She whispered in my ear. I pulled my arm back and scooted over a bit.
"Jasmine, i'm married." I said quietly, i don't want to bring any attention to us.
Jasmine licked her lips and scooted closer.
"Brooke won't know....i mean...come on Justin." She said having her fingers crawling on my shoulders.
"JASMINE! I'M MARRIED! OKAY! i AM SORRY, I DON'T WANT YOU." My mom looked back at us. My voice became soft, "I love Brooke."

Jasmine's face became sour.
"Please tell me what you see in her." She hissed. I rolled my eyes.
"Okay. She has beautiful eyes, she's kind,sweet, loving, dear, truthful, trustworthy, respectable, funny. You need more?" I said giving a smug smile.
"Well-" I cut her off.
"I love her eyes, her hair, her smiles, the way she hugs, the chills i get every time she touches me, the butterflies i still get every time i see her, the feeling i get in my heart when i see her, Her and I have a beautiful baby together; that she has to raise almost alone. Even though see wants me to be there , she doesn't mind; she understands me, and has been there for me."
Jasmine looked a bit shocked. "Everything is going well in some weird twisted way, so don't mess it up Jasmine! there's a guy for you...but it's not me."
My mom gave me a smile before turning back to the road as we pulled up to the radio station 67.5. I sighed loudly and was the first to get out the car as it came to a stop.

When we got in the studio, His name was Drew. His radio show is called the ugly truth. he asks very personally questions.
"We are hear with Justin Bieber and Jasmine V. Hey guys."
WE both said hi back. "Justin, you and your wife Brooke had a baby about 5 months ago." I nodded, "Yes that's true."

"How was the S_x?" He asked a smug smile growing on his face. i was taken off guard. "oh......uhhh..." I didn't know how to respond. "I guess it was good...i mean i really don't know what good s_x is." I laughed nervously.
"Jasmine....did you and Justin ever have a relationship."
Jasmine shoot a look at me before saying, "No."
I don't even under stand why Jasmine is here.
---------Brooke's POV----
After i got off web cam chat with Justin, i got my baby carrier. (has picture at top)
I went walking with a friend. It was Amy and i walking in a park on our way to the store. I suddenly saw something very sad. 3 teenagers, very skinny; yelling at a ...let's say big boned girl.
I paused for a second.
"Is a queen size bed even big enough for you? I mean it's called a gym." I was shocked. I gave Jake to Amy

"Like really! I'm scared to stand near you! you might exploded." The blond one said.
"Hey!" I shouted when i got to them. "Why don't you leave her alone?" I asked nicely.

"Are you my mother?" She said crossing her arms, "I mean she's fat and ugly! You're skinny and pretty so you don't need to worry."

I was thrown back. "I don't give a F__ if i'm your mom! I'm not going to let you speak to her that way. So how about you leave?" I asked blocking them from the girl.
"Well, why do we have to listen?" These girls were getting on my nerves.
I was getting angry, as this girl sat on the bench crying. I wasn't even going to be nice. I didn't notice but i had stopped talking for a while.
"Hello?" She said.
I took the bigger girl's hand and said, "You want to come with me?" I asked the girl.
Suddenly this man comes up to me.
"Hello." He said. I've seen him somewhere before.
"Hi. I'm John Quinones, from 'What would you do'?" I couldn't help but laugh. 'What would you dd' is a show where they have actors do a certain situations in public to see what people do. (it's a real show) I watch it all the time.

"why did you help her?" He asked. Amy came up behind me with Jake who was playing with her hair. "Why wouldn't i help? I mean how can people just walk by like that?" The 3 girls came up to me, smiling.
"I'm sorry....what i said about you guys, it's just that i was getting heated up." I paused for a second before bursting out laughing.
"OH GOD! My husband is going to see this." I said hiding my face a bit. One of the 3 girls got an understanding.
"You're Justin Bieber's wife right?"
I nodded and smiled.
-------------------Justin's POV-----
"Brooke isn't answering the phone." I said as it kept ringing.
Finally someone picked up. "Hello?"
"Hey Justin!" Brooke said.
"Hey baby! i miss you so much!"
"I miss you too!"
"I wish i could see your face, and hug you." She giggled and said, when's the next time you can come to see me?" I let out a sigh and looked down.
"3 weeks before your 17th Birthday." There was silence on the other line.
"'s getting harder to do this. I mean.....Jake misses you...i miss you. i don't mean to just come out of no where with this but, it's hard." I don't understand why tears began to come to my eyes.
"I don't like it either, and it stills hurts me to be away from you." She stayed silent for a while. "Hello?" I asked after no one spoke.


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