The Confusion of Love: Jacob Black

The Confusion of Love: Jacob Black

Hello everyone I really hope that you like it.Plz comment and rate this because I have really been working hard on it.
Important Info:
Name:Kay Miller
Skin Tone:Carmelish Brown(In between Dark Brown and Light Brown)
Hair:Dark Brown,Curly,and Shoulder Length
Nationality/Race: Black,White,and Mexican
Lives in:California
Sibblings:Only Child
Occupation:College Student(It's summer vacation)

Chapter 1

Why Are You Doing This?

I was a Sophmore in college at UCLA and it was now Summer Vacation.As I pulled into my driveway and noticed that my roommate Jess was home because I saw her car outside on the curb.That was odd I thought she was working today.I turned off my car and got my purse out so I could get my house keys.I unlocked the door and walked into my apartment."Jess are you home?"I called.There was no answer.Oh well she might be with her boyfriend Ainsley and just dropped off her car earlier.I climbed up the stairs and went in my room."Jess!"I called again.I heard some noises coming from her room.Actually more like cries."Jess?"I asked peeking my head through her room.That's when I saw her on the floor bleeding to death.She had cuts all on her face,on her arms,and legs."Oh My gosh Jess what happened?"I asked"T-t-t-they're c-c-c-coming"she studdered"Who is.Stay here I'm going to call the police"I said"N-n-n-no they are coming again-"I cut her off
"Who is coming?!"I shouted"Vampires.F-f-f-for you."She said"I think your losing to much blood."I ran downstairs and got the house phone and dialed 911.The only problem was there wasn't a dial tone."Dang it"I said under my breath.I ran upstairs to my room to go get my cellphone but all of a sudden there was a beautiful women and male standing in front of me.They were so beautiful and angelic.They looked like twins"Now where do you think your going?"They both said"Uh w-w-who are you?"I asked very frightened"Oh don't worry about that you will know soon enough."The women said.That's when I felt an excruciating pain flow threw my body.It was so painful that I blacked out.I woke up in what seemed like a wooden crate."HELP!HELP!SOMEONE HELP ME!"I shouted.It was so stuffy in here.OMG Where is Jess?"SOMEONE HELP!"I shouted.The top of the crate was lifted open.I automaticlly sat up and started to breathe very heavy gasping for air."You stupid kids almost killed her.I told you to put holes in the box.Stupid fools"a man said"We are sorry Aro we will do better next time"two familiar voices said.I looked around and saw a man with long black hair and I saw the twins that I had seen in my apartment."Hello child.Come with me."The man with long hair said putting his hand out."I am Aro and you have met Jane and Alec."He said gesturing torward himself and the twins."Come."he said again.I reached out my hand to his and he helped me out of the box.I almost fell but Aro caught me."Kay please excuse the Twins for thier horrible job they did of taking care of you."how did this Aro guy know my name?I heard a snarl come from Jane"Plz excuse her rudness"Aro said.He walked up to her and slapped her in the face."Stop!"he commanded to Jane."Where am I?"I asked in a small voice"Well you are in Voltera,Italy"Italy?How did I-"The twins brought you here and now you will stay here."he said with authority. "W-w-where's Jess?"I asked.Why did they want me why was I here?"Jessica is dead and you should be lucky that you aren't her"Why did they kill her?Tears streamed down my face.Aro lifted his hand and hit me in my face."Do not cry.She was worthless anyways."Did he just hit me?I didn't like this place at ALL!I tried to yank my hand out of Aro's but his grip was very strong.He hit me once again"Stop!"He yelled"You are not leaving do you understand?" "Who are you and what do you want from me?"I asked"I told you I am Aro.Also known as the worls most anccient Vampire."Did he just say vampire"Yes I did." "Huh?"It's like he was reading my mind"Well I am.As a vampire I have special gifts and talents.You will be the human slave of Voltera and also our emergency snack."he said.I stayed quiet then we finally arrived in a big room.There were what seemed like hundreds of people in there they were all gorgeous."Kay this is your new family.They are all Vampires and you will do as they say!" I just looked around.He moved his hand to the back of my neck and tighted his grip making me fall on my knees"DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?"He asked.I nodded"Yes Sir."I said with tears starting to fall out of my eyes.He threw me against a wall"Good."he said and walked away.He walked torwards two other guys.One had Black long hair just like Aro the other had very Blonde hair."Kay come"Aro said a little more nicer."These are my brothers Caius and Marcus.They have as much power as I do so listen to them!"he said."Yes Sir"I replied weakly.I looked around the room and Jane caught my eye.I started to feel the same pain I felt in my apartment again.I started to fall down and scream in agony"JANE!STOP IT NOW"Caius said."Come here!"She walked up to Caius and he smacked her in the face harder than Aro did."Don't do that!"she nodded and then Caius kissed her.She walked away like nothing happened.The room got quiet and the huge doors opened.There I saw......................tbc

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