~Never Say Never~A Justin Bieber Love Story

Chapter 1

<3 Chapter 2 <3

When we came up we saw Justin smiling at us widely. "Well hi there Mr.Justin" I said getting out of the pool "Hi well i came by to say that i cant swim with you guys but i can hang out later tonight, if that ok with you." "That would be fine with me and you will get to meet my parents" "Ok well i have to go and finish unpacking and i be over later tonight" "Ok i look forward to seeing you" "Me to" he said and started walking back to his house. "Sissy can we go back inside, im getting cold" she asked me "Yea and how about we watch a movie?" "Awesome" "Lets go get changed" i said holding my hand out. She took my hand and we walked into the house and went into our rooms to get changed. We wore this http://www.polyvore.com/movie_night/set?id=26479233. "Ok what do you want to watch?" I asked lily "Alice in Wonderland" she said "Ok Alice in Wonderland it is!" I told her. Then i went into the kitchen popped us popcorn and got me a dr. pepper and her apple juice cause mom said that 5 year olds arent supposed to drink soda cause it will mess up their growth or something like that. "Sissy hurry up the movie starting!!!" "Ok im coming" I put the bowl of popcorn in between my arms and the drinks in my hands and walked out of the kitchen into the living room. When the movie was over I heard the door open and close. I looked to see my mom and dad walk in looking very tired. "Hey mom, Hi daddy." "Hey Mia we are going to bed and just a heads up the KCA is in a month JT wants to go over the song your singing, ok?" "Ok mom goodnight, night daddy" "Night Mia night Lily" they both said and went into their room. I looked at lily who was sleep on the couch. I went over to the tv and turned it off and then picked up Lily and right as i was walking up the stairs i heard a knock at the door. So i turned around and opened the door with me still holding Lily. I looked up and saw Justin from earlier standing there with his hands in his pockets. "Hey Justin" "Hi Mia" "What are you doin here" i said nicely "You told me to come over when i was done unpacking" {Justin's House~
http://www.luxuryhomereviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Luxury-Houses.jpg if you wanted to know what it looked like} "Oh i did say that" "Yea ya did" he said "Oh sorry you can come in" "Thanks"he said as he walked in. "Do you need help with her" he asked pointing at Lily "Ya if you dont mind, she may look small but she's kinda heavy" I said handing her to Justin "She's not that heavy" "Well your probably stronger than me" "You dont that" he said as we started to walk upstairs. "Well this is her room" i said walking into her room "It's nice for her age....group"* laughing* "Yea i decoracted it my self and im proud of it" i said confident " Well you did a good job" he said while putting her in her bed "thanks" "well what do we do now?" he asked "we can hang out in my room" "ok" We walked across the hall to my room. "Wow did you decorate this to?" "Yes jealous much" "Nope but i did get an idea" "And that idea is.." "Can you decorate my room for me?" he asked giving me the puppy dog face "Well......." "Please, pretty please i'll even tell you who i am" "I'll do it and i already know who you are..Mr.Bieber" i said sitting on my bed. "You do how?" "Well this neighborhood is only with stars, your hair, and i watch tv" i said looking at him "Oh....if this neighborhood is filya ywith stars why do you live here?" he asked trying not to sound rude "One both of my parents are movie stars and Two im a singer" "Oh yea your that girl who sung 'See You Again' right?" "Yup thats me and it went to number one on the charts in a week topping your song 'Baby'" "Well if you can top me you must be talented" "Thank you i am talented" "So Mia Anderson tell me about yourself" "Well im half latin and i can play the drums, piano, and guitar." "Do you play any sports?'' he asked "Yes i play soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and softball" "Wow very athletic, i like" "Thanks" i said "Ok Mr.Bieber now tell me about yourself" "Well im a singer, i play 3 interments, drums, guitar, and piano, i play basketball, soocer, and lacrosse." "Wow we have somethings in common" "Yea we do." We talked for about another hour until his mom texted him and said he needs to come home. We walked downstairs and we were at the door and we agreed that i would come over and decorate his room. "Well i might not be at the studio tomorrow so i'll leave the key under a fake rock that we have on the front porch." "Ok well i'll see you tomorrow" With that he leaned in and.................?
Hope you guys enjoyed the story, I enjoyed writing this story and there will be more later today or tomorrow. =]


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