It's not like I have feelings or anything

It's not like I have feelings or anything

__ is totally happy with her perfect boyfriend, Ben and her bestfriend's Maddie, and Jay at her side, but after a rocky break up with Ben she can't feel any more sad. What did she do wrong? Why is this happening? But soon after the break up she begins to realize that their might just been someone a little better for her. Will she have to make a choice bewteen what she thinks is right, and what is good for her?

(Made into story form)

Chapter 1

A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix

by: 13elieve
My mom always told me, Love is like an dancing elf at first it's merry and filled with glee....than it turns on your with a miniuature machiene gun.

You sat in your room doing homework when the phone ring. The caller id, says its was your bestfriend Jason. "Hey Jay" you said happily. "Hey _ how are ya" he says. Jason and you have been bestfriend since forever basically. "Im good me and Ben are going out to the movies later tonight" you said. Ben only the most wonderful guy in the world aka your boyfriend who you loved to death, . "Oh cool....anyways so whatcha doin" he asks. "Nothing haha talking to my bestist friend in the whole wide world" you say. Beep Beep. "Oh hold on a sec Jay I gottta text" you siad. You looked at your cell.

1 next text from Ben

"YAY!!! its ben" you said to jay over the phone. "Oh good" he said. You looked at the text

Hey _ there something I need to tell you. I dont think we should c each other anymore. Im sorry but I still want 2 b friends -Ben

"WHAT THE FVCK" you said. "_ whats wrong" said Jason you had forgotten that he was on the fone. "FVCK FVCK" you said. "_ _ whats wrong" he said. You felt tears fall outof your eyes. "_ what happened" he said. You took a deep breath. "Jay come over here as fast as you can" you said. "_ I'll be there in two mineuets" he said and hung up. You pressed your face into the pillow and cried. "That diick broke up with me over text" you said crying. You threw the pillow across the room. You looked up the first thing you saw was picture of you and Ben holding hands. You stumble dover to the picture and took it and threw it against the wall the picture crack and the glass broke. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE ONE" you said. You felt tears pour out of your eyes. You wiped them. You heard a knock on your door.You saw Jason open the door and look around the room you were sitting against the wall crying. He looked at the broken picture than at you. He sat down next to you. "He break up with you?" he asked. You wiped away a tear and nodded softly than cried. "He didn't deserve you " he said hugging you. You cried on Jason shoulder. "Jason Im so sorry for making you come over here" you said in bewteen sobs. "Dont be sorry , how did he break up with you" he asked. "Over text" you said looking at him. "That ba...rd thinks he can fvcking break up with you over text I dont think so" said Jason getting up going into the bathroom. "Jason what are you doing" you asked. You saw him come out of the bathroom with a ton of toliet paper. "Come on _ "he said. "What are you gonna do" you asked him. "Let's just say that jerk is gonna get what he deserves come on" he said. He took you hand and you guys walked out to his car. "Im so done with guys" you said."Its ok Im here for you" he said. "I thought he was 'the one' I though he was different well he wasn't" you said disapointed. "Trust me everything gonna work out" he said. "I hope so Im not gonna beg him or anything he wants me back he'll have to ask" you said. He nodded. You saw him stop. "Where are we anyway--" you stopped. You were at ben's house. "What the fvck Jason why are we here" you said. "Sh _ get outta the car and I'll show you" he said. You nodded. You saw Jason get a bunch Tp outta the trunk and hand out a roll. "Whats this for" you asked. "What do you think, now go over there and make his trees look like christmas morning" he said. You smiled and got out of the car. You ran across the lawn twirling TP you chucked it in the trees and laugh. You saw Jay standing by his car keying it with a smile. "_ come over here" he said. You walked over there Ben's trees had beeen painted with white.You looked at saw what he had keyed in the car. _ the girls you'll never forget. You smiled and hugged him. "Thanks Jay" you said. "_ i'd do anything for you even key that jerk's car" he said with a laugh. "We probably should get going" said Jason looking at his house. He laugh and you and him got back in the car and drove to your house again. "This is what friends are for _ realtionship may not last forever but friends do" he said looking in my eyes. I looked in his clear hazel eyes. "Jason I honestly don't know what I would do without you" you said. He smiled. " if I didn't know you my life would be a total waste" he said. "Im sure you don't mean that" you said. "_ , if you weren't alive or didn't exist I would prob not even be here right now" he said. You turned and looked at him. "jason" you said. " my life is s..t the only reason I haven't even tried to end it is because of you" he said. You were silent. Jason lived in a foster home his parents left him when he was 11.Jason had lived in a foster home since his parents had deserted him when he was eleven. You always had hated his parents his mom was a fall down drvnk his dad had always travled a lot often staying away from home for months on end. Jason was planning to move out of the foster home soon. He had turned seventeen two weeks ago, and now was anxious to get out of that heII hole. You and him walk back inside in silent. Your mom was inside making dinner. She smiled at Jason. "Hey Jason would you like to stay for dinner" asked your mom. "I would like to but I have to be back at....yeah 10" he said. She nodded and went back into the kitchen. "Sorry I have to go _ " he said. "Its ok" you said. He hugged you tightly and you hugged him back. "Call you when I get home" he whispered in your ear. You nodded. He smiled at you and walked out of the house. You heard his car pull away. You walked into the kitchen. Your mom sighed.

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