Baby A Justin Bieber Love Story

Chapter 1

old life

Justin:come on Bells you can do it don't give
Bella:fine but why does it seem so much easier when you ride your skateboard
Justin:cause you just need practice come on I'll walk with you while start skating
Bella:fine ends up getting after a while
Justin:you did it Bella
Bella:i did thank you Justin hugs Justin
Justin:come on lets go celbrate with bowling
end of flashback
what a great life i had then i had great friends,my parents where still together,everything was just perfect.but that was all 2 years ago.Justin became famous we use to talk all the time then it just stopped out of no where sadly i became depressed and started cutting myself my dad left with my little sister leaving me and my mom by ourselves then my friends started hating me so i then cut even more my boyfriend left me again more mom sent me to more then 1 school cause she wanted me to stop but she should know everywhere there is going to be the same people just different names different looks different everything they just act the one wanted to my friends with the cutter.i started cutting so bad that one night i had to go to the ER almost lost my life but they saved me lucky me huh? thats the day my dad and little sister left.i couldnt and still cant handel everything.and to top everything now im moving to LA my mom thinks if we move there they will think im beautiful and let me become a actress or a model.she hides everything sharp from me afraid i will start cutting again but to tell the truth i stopped because the night i went to the ER i had a weird dream that i saw Justin me and him where happy but he saw all the cuts on my arms and wanted me to stop so i just decided to stop just incase i ever so Justin again
Mom:comes in my room Bella sweety come on its time to leave everything is already or is at our new house in LA
Bella:ok mom lets go grabs my last things i have my ipod touch my cellphone
~at LA~
we pull up to a pretty 2 story house
Mom:go pick your room Bella
Bella:ok mom picks out the biggest room with a baconly on the side of the house and has a walk in closet and the room is a size of a living room dinning room and kitchen put together
Mom:leans against the door fame i thought you would pick this room
Bella:smiles im going to go get my stuff and start unpacking
~couple hours later~
i was finally done packing and it toke only 3 hours.there was a knock on the front door so i went down stairs and to see who it was i saw it was about 5 girls at the door.
1 girl:hello im Caitlin this is Sierra Kaydee Jessica and Caitlin but you can call me Kit her Siesie her Kd her Jessie and her Veggie
Bella:hello im Isabella but yall can call me Bella
girls:nice to meet you Bella
mom:Bella who are you talking to
Bella:these girls i just meet
Siesie:so we were wondering if you wanted to go bowling with us
Bella:um sure let me grab my phone money and tell my mom
Bella:gets her phone money and tells her mom
-on the way to the bowling place-
we all became great friends they already consider me part of their group thats great and we all are best friends already and they are staying the night at my house tonight
-at the bowling place-
we got our shoes and bowling balls.and started playing then their was a group of guys that came in and started playing.
Jessie:why is that every place we go they end up getting there after us
Kd:i dnt kno
Bella:can we just ingore them and play or yall are just not wanting to play cause im beating yall right now
Kit:alright then its on
Bella:bring it your up any ways...hey Siesie why is that kid starin at me and who is he
Siesie:o that Justin Bieber and who knows why he is staring at you
Kit:your turn Bella
Bella:alright let me show you how it is done in Texas looks to the side to see that Justin kid smiling and bowls and gets a strike...i bowl and get a strike but it didnt seem like it at first
guys with Justin:woah dude did you see that
Bella:smiles and says loudly so they can hear and thats how it done in Texas
~nxt round for the game~
Bella:walks up to get her ball
Justin:comes up to Bella turns her around and brings her closer by pulling on the jacket and looks like he is about to kiss me
Bella:pushes him off and bowls then goes and sits on a stool
Justin:sits on the stool next to Bella
Bella:gets off and goes sits with my friends
Announcer:alright everyone its time for the dance contest and between the boys and girls here
lights goes on Justin and his friends and Bella and her friends and music starts playing
Justin's friends:start dancing and doin flips
Bella's friends:starts dancing and getting in their faces
Justin:dances and comes close to Bella
Bella:walks away and starts dancing
Justin&Bella:dances around each other showing off their moves
Announcer:wow it look like we have a tie for the first time ever
Kit:Bella we didnt know you knew how to dance
Bella:laughs ya there is still alot need 2 find out about me smiles
Justin and his friends:comes over to Bella and her friends
Justin:why dont we all hang out for a little while and whatever yall want to do its on us
Siesie:alright since yall are paying

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