Scary Stories for Everyone

Scary stories for everyone to read because it is scary

Chapter 2

The Girl

by: adrian626
This girl was with her friends in school on an average school day. In the middle of one of her classes, there was a firedrill. Everyone had to exit the school, so she did with her friends. While outside of the school, the girls friends thought it would be funny to push her into the sewers that were right in front of the school. They pushed her into the sewer while laughing. The school noticed that she was missing, so her friends told them that she fell down into the sewer. Police and firemen swarmed the area, and they all asked her friends what happened. They told them that it was an accident-the believed her. When they found the girl's body, her neck was broken from hitting the ladder on the way down, and the skin on her face was completely torn off from the direct impact of the fall in the sewer.

This story has been posted in many myspace and yahoo bullitens all over the US after this happened, along with a twist. At the end of the bulliten, it said that anyone who doesn't pass this story on wil hear laughter in the shower, then die that same night. Well, two months after this happened, a boy opened his myspace page and opened this bulliten, but payed no attention to it. He logged out from his myspace and went to take his daily shower. In the shower, he started to faintly hear laughter. He didn't mind, it, so he continued. He heard it getting louder and louder, and go so freaked out that he rushed out of the shower and quickly posted the bulliten, then went to bed, scared.

In the early morning hours, his mother came home from work and went into his room to check on him. He wasn't there. His mother frantically called the police, so they went looking for him. They found him an hour later-he was at the bottom of their town sewer, his neck was broken, and the skin on his face was completely CUT off, blood was everywhere, he was dead.

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