That Country Guy (Chapter 31 out)

Elli May is a plain-jane girl who loves to be with her animals on her father's farm. her father needs help on the farm and he hires Luke Pondis, a tall, tan muscular guy, to help him. Elli doesnt really care about who helps just as long as the work gets done. that is, until Luke starts to find the farmer's daughter more than plain-jane. Will they fall for each other or will they just be friends? And after Elli is kidnapped, what will happen between her and Luke?

Chapter 1


I love the way the wind blows my straight brown hair back as i ride Midnight. Midnight is my beautiful black horse that my father got me for my sixteenth birthday. Since we live on the farm and i only go into town for school and shopping, i dont need a car. Besides, i dont feel right in a car. I was meant to live on a farm. Smiling, i nudged Midnight to slow her down. When she came to a stop, i slide off the sadle and guided her toward the stream for a drink. Midnight neighed in appretation and started drinking. i tied her reins to the nearest tree and sat underneath the shade of the tall tree. it felt good to rest and listen to world around me. A world that wasnt intoxicated with gasoline and garbage. i couldnt bring myself to understand why people could knowingly destroy their world.
I shook my head, i need to learn to stop babbling in my head.
I mounted Midnight just as my cell phone went off. Father had made me get one in case he needed me and i was out riding or something like that.
"Hey darling, i found a guy to help us out. i want you to come and meet him." My father sounded so happy, i had to smile to myself.
"Okay Daddy, I'll be there soon with Midnight." i answered.
"See you soon Sweetie." And with that he hung up. i closed my cell and put it back in its case which hung on my brown belt.
The ride back flew by. I felt so free. i just hoped this new guy wasnt some city boy who didnt want to work.
My hope seemed to rise as i saw my father talking to a brown haired cutie.

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