L.O.V.E. ---Leaders of Venus Encampment ...When the aliens newly discovered from Venus, one of Earth's fellow planets, most of the adults and parents are out fighting, leaving the children under 16 at a safe-house, which was once their school. Only few adults are left behind, called Caretroops, who care for the small children, tweens, and teens. But when the army calls for reinforcements, the Caretroops leaving the kids alone to care for themselves.

Chapter 3



Hands flied like they had wings urging them to soar.

"Girl in green, yes you, speak."

"Um, like, um, isn't it, well, kinda obvious that people, will like um, just pick the easiest jobs?"

"No they will not. Because if they do, we will have no chance. I will have to pick groups, and then nobody will for fill their job to the highest amount of quality work possible. I would hope, to God himself, that nobody will be stupid enough to make that poor disgusting choice," I growled at her.

"Boy in the corner, yeah, go."

"What if we aren't good at anything?"

"If you don't pick, I will, and you will learn that job and practice the required skills from you peers in that group," I said snottily, "Anymore ridiculous questions?" I really had no idea why there would be so many stupid questions. Really people? I guess they understood that I wasn't accepting anymore questions of that sort anymore, because every hand was now still beside its body.

"Okay. Split up."

I pointed to a different section of our vast cafeteria for each job category. Results were....as expected really. Childcare had at least 150; way too many. Hunters had a good 50, which was a good start, and it was nice to see that pretty much all of them were outdoorsy people. Lookouts had about 100; a lot from track, which was good since they would have to be quick about spreading the news, but too many again. Guards had only about 15; which were all really muscular and tough guys...The kind I myself admired. They had guts, and no one else did. Cooks had a bunch too, around 150, and i knew a lot of them were lunch lady aids which was a great amount since this would be a huge job. Weapon dept. had about 75. A lot were from metal and wood shop, but I think a lot more would be needed since everyone would needed to be supplied with some sort of weapon in a short amount of time. Janitors had waaayyy too many...about 200...all of the outcasts. The gov had only a few, like 25 people which was great, as long as they got accepted into congress. Most were people who had been in power before. Hygienists had at most 175, also too many. Most were neat/clean freaks and girly girls. Of course, too many. And then of course about 200 were still standing in the middle, waiting to be divided.

Ugh. Time to reorganize.

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