L.O.V.E. ---Leaders of Venus Encampment ...When the aliens newly discovered from Venus, one of Earth's fellow planets, most of the adults and parents are out fighting, leaving the children under 16 at a safe-house, which was once their school. Only few adults are left behind, called Caretroops, who care for the small children, tweens, and teens. But when the army calls for reinforcements, the Caretroops leaving the kids alone to care for themselves.

Chapter 2

The Speech

They were so outraged from coming back to reality, and yes, they were probably angry at me too for being so cold. But if that what it takes, thats what I am gonna have to do.

"Now, as most of you understand, we need to get organized with a new form of government so we all aren't running around stealing from one another and killing each other. And when we were in school, we did have history class so I think we all know which forms of government worked, and which obviously don't."

I saw a hand shoot into the air. It was a girl from the grade below me, who I never really talked to, but I still didn't really like her. No reason though.

"Yes, so you have a question?" I asked politely as possible.

"Um, yeah actually I do." Oh so this is why I didn't like her. "Who says your in charge? What makes you think that you, a nobody, can get up on that stage, and just start telling us what to do. Your obviously trying out the communism gov, because it seems like your the dictator. Doesn't it?"

I smiled softly, cursing at her in my mind with every possible word I could think of. "No, you misunderstand what I am doing right now. I am organizing. Not directing and ordering. I give the ideas and organize, while people like you either back me up, help me, or disagree and change it."

She looked as if I was lying to her face, but as if it had sunk into her stupid little brain, she looked sorry. "Okay, I'm glad we have a say in this then."

Again I smiled, but not like before, not the soft gentle smile that suits me so well. It was more of a smirk, or a grimace. I do not know, I couldn't see myself.

The crowd was silent; the girl looked embarrassed and some people were frowning at her.

"Well," said I, "lets take a vote. We can either start organizing jobs, or we can start voting for reps and people of power. All in favor of jobs first, please raise your hands."

Just about every hand went up. The only people who remained still were some of the "popular" kids who used to be in student council, or presidents of clubs.

"Okay then. Its decided."

Throughout the next hour or so, I asked people for suggestions of most vital jobs, and how many would do that certain job, and what skills would be needed, etc.

I was pretty happy too, because then I didn't have to do all of the thinking. All together there were 10 job categories that we came up with. Child care; which included education, hunters; who got food and water, look outs; who would watch for enemies, or other news, guards; who would protect us for a short time from intruders, army duty; who we decided would need a lot of training, cooks; who wouldcook whatever the hunters brought back, weapon dept.; who would construct and distribute weapons, janitors; who would clean the school up and also be in control of maintenance, the gov; who obviously would be needed to be elected soon, and hygiene people; who would wash clothes and organize shower space.

Aside from the job descriptions, we figured everyone would be participating since we would need all of the help we could get. They would probably be split evenly too. Until we realized something.

"So your telling me that our army is gonna be about 50 people? Because if that's right, we are all gonna die for sure," Said one boy from my grade. I think his name was Ron.

And thats when it hit me, like a metal ball chucked into my chest fired from a cannon.

"Oh...Well I think.... we all know... what this means then. We all must be... a part of the.... army."

Many people looked dumbfounded; some softy crying, some fiercely smiling, and some without emotion.

I paced the stage letting this sink into my own heart. We all would need training...and this cannot be a job all on its own either, it would have to be the duty of all including their own day to day jobs.

"Okay, well we will all meet on...no. We will devote one hour at the end of each of our day for training. We will all present what what we know with each other. The weapon dept. will need to read up on the design of swords, the bow and arrow, axes, etc. and make use of what we have to offer. So, 9 jobs, 1 duty, and we need to get this now. Lets divide up into what we think we all have skills for, so everyone is a bit knowledgeable in their job. Okay?"

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