L.O.V.E. ---Leaders of Venus Encampment ...When the aliens newly discovered from Venus, one of Earth's fellow planets, most of the adults and parents are out fighting, leaving the children under 16 at a safe-house, which was once their school. Only few adults are left behind, called Caretroops, who care for the small children, tweens, and teens. But when the army calls for reinforcements, the Caretroops leaving the kids alone to care for themselves.

Chapter 1

An Implied Message

I walked into the cafeteria for the new meeting. We always met here when the care troops were here, but of course now that they are gone it is wreaking havoc. They left last night saying they would return this morning, but did that happen? No. I think we all know that they are dead.

So, I guess thats why the word got around that there would be a meeting tonight at eight...but even I'm not sure about what they we are going to do or who is even going to speak now that all of the adults are gone, and now its just us kids. I mean, well obviously, the main questions are: Who will feed us? Who will protect us? Who will inform us? What are we gonna do? Will we die? But more importantly: Who's in charge? I guess that is what we are gonna find out tonight.

"Rihannon! Hey, wait up!" yelled Jack. He was so nice to me. And just about the only one who was. Jack was the one you would call...popular. Or just everyone liked him. The girls drooled over him, because after all he was pretty handsom with his light brown hair that was short, yet nice for him, and his gorgeous piercing gray eyes. The guys all joked around with him because he always was joking around. And the teachers (when we had them) adored his work in class. Even the care troops enjoyed having him around since he volunteered to help when it was needed most!

I blushed when I accidentally smacked the guy behind me when I tuned around. "Oh sorry," I mumbled. "Jack hurry up! It is five to eight!"

"I'm coming hun," he said with his stupid smile. He kinda played a game to see how bad he could annoy me. But it never worked since I always played along, so it kind of formed into us sweet talking to each other even though we were just friends.

"Kay babe," I said trying not to laugh or grin.

As we passed through the doors I could almost taste the panic and fear. The little ones must have been put to bed at one of the classrooms, because there was not a sound to be heard. Just unheard depression and the sound of the mic on the stage focusing in and out.

On the cafeteria's stage was standing Jared (or Jar Head as Jack and I called him) all clammy and sweaty trying to take charge, being as arrogant and stupid as usual. The sad thing was that people listened to him.

"He-ello everyone. Thank you for showing u-up," mumbled Jar Head in the most uncertain voice ever. He gulped hard. "Uh..as you all..as we all can assume from...from the facts...is that the care troops have failed to reinforce the already existing...ah troops out there fighting..I mean the adults and uhh.. uhh our par-par-parents!" He exclaimed the last word as his voice broke and tears ran down his face.

People looked at him with respect and pity. I was disguisted. I could take it. I was insane. I took one look at Jack who looked like he was going to puke and laugh all at once, and whispered,"Wish me luck sweety." I winked as he look confused.

I walked defiantly up to the stage stairs with bounce in my step, a certain leadership aura radiating off of me. People noticed me immediately clearing a path for me with an astonished look in their eyes.

Jar Head was looking at me like he was on drugs, vague and stupid.

As I neared the steps I started smiling to myself, but my face returned to serious as I trotted up those stairs.

"Jared, may I please have the microphone?" Oh was that perfect. He just dropped it right there, right then. Goodbye Jar Head ya moron! My turn! "Hello fellow classmates, or should I say mourners? No I shouldn't because we are neither of those anymore from this point on. You are going to suck up all of your worthless emotions, straighten your back, and listen. You will now be...no WE will now be in charge. We are going to live, whether you like it or not." I smiled. Good, now we have an army and new care troop.

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