The Twist of Tragedy

Chapter 1


by: Amanda13
I missed her, all I wanted was her. My best friend, my only friend. And now she was dead. I was sitting here at her funeral, and I couldn’t even cry. It didn’t seem right anyway, crying in front of everyone, but I felt so guilty, she’s my best friend, I should be in tears. It wasn’t fair, all these strangers mourning over MY best friend. Tears pouring down their faces. And I couldn’t even cry. Me. Her befriend. Not one tear.
All I could think about was the night this happened.
“Don’t do it, Abigail. Do not pull that trigger.”
She held the gun to her head. I was so confused. Why was she doing this? She obviously wasn’t thinking straight.
“You don’t understand, Rachel.” She snapped back, “Nobody loves me. Your parents love you. My parents, they don’t love me. They hate me. Just like every other person in this world.”
I knew I had to do something quick, before she ended her life. “What about me? What about Jake? WE love you. More than you could ever understand.” I started to cry a little, “And whatever you’re going through, we can fix it. We can get help. You have your whole life ahead of you, don’t throw it away. Think of what you could do. Think of what we could do, together."
But apparently my speech wasn’t good enough. Because then, she pulled the trigger and was out of my life forever.

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