Mine Forever

Mine Forever

Chapter 2


School was going better than I'd thought it ever would. I had a small group of tight friends and a huge group of not-so-close friends. I love it here.

Everyday i wore something daring and hot and every day i was stared at by the same guys. Including the really hot guy.

I found out the hot guys name. It's Ian Rhelm. He's colorblind and can't see the color blue. Which is sad because blue is my favorite color.

During school, Tanya intoduced to me to her friend Sam. He was hot. He had sea blue eyes and ash blonde hair and smooth tan skin. Tanya kept embarassing me by saying we'd be a perfect couple. I guess he didn't mind because he kept smiling at me and toying with my dangly earrings. Me and my stupid embarassment kept blushing. When we finally left i say to Tanya, "Holy crao he's hot." We both startted cracking up. By then had totally forgotten about Ian.

Later on while I was at home Tanya texted me telling me that Sam thought I was hot and that he wanted to go to the movies with me on saturday. I almost fell off my bed wen she told me. Tanya decided we were all gonna go to the movies and have a date night. I was definatly ok with that.

Tanya gave me Sam's number and itexted him all night.I told him bout how i wanted to go to sky diving for my 18th birthday (which isn't too far away..) and he said he wanted to come with me. I told him that he'd be the one screaming while I push him out of the plane. He said, "In your dreams." I said,"No the only thing in my fdreams is Jamaica."At that he laughed.

I fell asleep feeling so happy i could explode.

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