Mine Forever

Mine Forever

Chapter 1

New girl

New home. New school. New people. New feelings. Everything that I've feared has come true.

Broken-hearted and scared I walked to my new school. Palmer High School was not a bad looking school but the kids looked liking jackwagons. My high heels clicked as i walked along the hard sidewalk.

"I like your shoes," said a woman standing on the grass next to me. I looked up confused. Why was she talking to me? "Thank you" I replied and kept walking.

When I finally reached the front doors of the schoolIi felt nervous and quezzy.
I walked into the school with my chin up and my shoulders firm. Everyone stared as I walked in. What was wrong? Was there toilet paper stuck to my butt? No. I hadn't gone to the bathroom this morning.

A random guy walked up to me and said "Hey sweetie you new 'round here?" He was ugly and seemed like a jackhole so i replied,"Sorry i don't go for guys who din't know how to brush their teeth." I pushed him away with one finger and smiled. All his stupid friends laughed. One of them had bright electric blue eyes and black hair. He was tall and easily the hottest guy around. He smiled when he noticed me checking him out. I rolled my eyes and pushed him back with one finger too.

Classes weren't that easy to find. I had to ask random people if they new where classes where. I felt embarassed.

Earlier in 1st period I made a new friend named Cloe. She was very nice to me and helped me out with friends. I really liked her.

My third period class was choir. My teacher was baffled when she heard me sing. I was excited that i was finally good at something.I laughed and felt good for the first time in my life.

Lunch was hard. The only person i knew was Cloe. She introduced me to her friend Tanya. She seemed nice enough. While i was walking to sit down at my table I caught sight of the hot guy from this morning. Hs eyes flickered to me and lingered there until I sat down.

My first day was stressful but fun. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

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