Life as A Sonic Character PART 2!(READ INTRO!!!)

Thank you for reading! Okay since last story was Mo's POV(Point of View) This is Hannah's POV! NEW Look at our profile backround for our people hedgehog thingies!

Chapter 1


I called Mo. "MO! I want to have a party!" I told her. Mo laughed. "Okay! Come over here!" Mo said. (OUT OF STORY: For all you who haven't read chapter 45 of part 1 go there and read it cuz it's important that you know Mo and Manic are on the Blue Typhoon) So all of us went to the Blue Typhoon and socialized. "So, you and Aaron are like, dating?" Mo asked me in private. "Uh, yeah. I hope none of the girls are mad." I said worried. I knew everyone, but Mo had liked him, but...I liked him too. A lot. Oh, look at me getting all gushy! "When's Manic or Tails going to get courage?" Mo asked, "Uh not that I want them to or anything." Mo quickly added with a nervous little chuckle. "Mo, give them some time they'll come through!" I tried to convince Mo, but I wasn't sure if it was working. "Maybe you're right." Mo shrugged. "I'm getting some punch." I said noticing Tails and Manic at the punch bowl. I was going to knock some sense in them one way or another. "Hey guys!" I greeted Manic and Tails. "You know Mo's over there alone and single!" I said. Tails and Manic raced over there. "Hey Mo!" They chorused. "I was wondering do you want to catch a flick in my cabin or something?" Manic asked. "Okay!" Mo agreed. 'Oh my gosh! It worked!' I thought I happily skipped over to Mo. "How'd you do it?" Mo asked. "I just told them you were over there alone and single!" I smiled. We saw Manic talking to Aaron somewhere else. "What a fun and interesting party!" Kristen said approaching Mo and I. "Yep!" Mo agreed. "So, Mo! I heard you have a little DATE with Manic!" Kristen said, obviously happy for Mo. "Well, I am 13! I'm allowed to date, right?" Mo was concerned now. "Der!" Kristen said. "In a month I'll be 14!" I said. Kristen already was 14 apparently. "Hey, is there room for two more on our ship? I miss my two friends named Sara and Megan!" Kristen pleaded. "Um, okay!" I said. "Well let's go turn around the ship!" Mo said leading the way to the place where the person steers the ship. (What's that called?)

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