The Wolf that Imprinted! xD

Story: The Wolf that Imprinted!
Characters: Jacob/ Crystal [ character i mad up ]

Chapter 1

What The?!?!

by: _rosalie
Crystal`s POV
My mom and dad had been fighting AGAIN! I was so sick of it, so I decided to run away. I packed some clothes, shoes, make up, books, and a certificate of a brother I had! His name was Sam Uley. He was adopted i guess cause we DO NOT look alike! I have blonde hair and more Good Looking! Anyways, at night when my parents were asleep i snook out the window and drove all the way to LaPush, I guess that`s what they call it. Suddenly I stopped by a little house and got out my car and rang the doorbell. But, I was surrounded by a lot of wolves, then they phased back to human and one of them asked ' Who are you ?' I told them i was looking for someone named Sam. Suddenly a tall guy started laughing and said ' Im Sam! ' I ran and gave him a big hug! He looked confused so i told him i was his sister and his friend Jacob i guess said are you sure your related? I said technically! They went back to wolf form and my brothers fiance Emily welcomed me inside.
Jacob`s POV
I told Sam i had imprinted on her and he panicked! He said i wasn`t allowed to get near her and he was upset.


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