I Wish I Was A Black Veil Bride (An Andy Six Love Story)

Chapter 1

Just Kids

Trying to find someone to accept you and your band is hard. No one believes you can sing so they turn you away before they give you a chance. Singing was dangerous sometimes. People got drunk and wild once in while but passed that it was fun to sing. But there would always be a burning desire to get heard worldwide. To hear your own songs on the radio and to see comments on youtube and Myspace from people who say they love your music.
I've never had a chance. Everyone refusing me because of the way I dress. They never give my voice a chance. My band a chance. What's my band called? Beautiful Lie is what we call ourselves. A teenage band without a chance of ever being noticed. With no one believing in us we never gave up. But thankfully we got one karaoke bar to accept us in. If we were good enough we could come back every night. We were excited about it. "Ok, does everyone know their places and lines and stuff?" I asked. "Yeah. Are you gonna get up there and freak out?" Jewel asked. Jewel is my background singer. "I do not freak out! And how would you know? We've never been in front of a crowd before." I said. "Check, actually you did at the Christmas party your parents had." Axe said. Its pronounced Ax. And if you wonder why he said Check. My nick name is Checker. I earned the name because I keep everything in check and the way I do things.I look close at my moves before I make them. "My parents were there! What did you expect? It was our first time and I was twelve!" I exclaimed. Jewel, Axe and Demon laughed. "Come on guys. Give her a break. We wasn't nothing but kids." Joel defended me. Joel played drums for Beautiful Lie. He was the only one without a nick name. Demon got his name because he is constantly playing pranks on people. Jewel got hers because she likes flashy jewelry.And Axe got his because when he was a kid he fell on an ax and it left a weird scar on his leg. And you guys know why I got mine.
We were waiting for our name to be called up when A guy walked in with his friends or band members. I was sitting on the floor with my back to the wall. He walked over and sat against the other wall (we were in a hallway). "Hi. I'm Andy." He said. "I'm, Checker and this is my friends Axe, Demon, Jewel and Joel." I pointed them out. Andy and his friends looked like us. Tattoos, piercings, black hair and clothes, make-up. "This is my friends, Chris Hollywood, Sandra, Zach, Nate, Phil, Chris Craven, Chris Stewart, and Bobby." He said pointing them out individually as I had my friends. "Hey." They all said together throwing their hands up quickly then placing them back in their pocket. I nodded. "So what's the name of your band?" Andy asked. "Beautiful Lie. What about yours?" I asked. "Black Veil Brides." He answered. "Excuse me? Your pretty much all dudes and you call yourselves ''Black Veil Brides''? May I ask why?" I asked. Before he could answer they called our name. "Now its time for Beautiful Lie!" The man said in his deep voice. "That's us. We'll talk later." I said standing up and putting my shades on. We walked out on the stage and I sat on the barstool they had at the mic. Axe started playing the guitar slow and quiet and Demon played the drums softly. "Mmmm, yeah. You think you are perfect. You walk around with your head in a daze. You don't see me standing here. I just stand back and scream. You think of me as a lie, a fake, but baby have I got news for you! You were my perfect lie! You started the war in my head. You made me think I was crazy. You saw me at my worst." I sung and pulled the shades off as I jumped up from the barstool. The songs beat raised. "You thought I was a lie. You saw me as a fake. But baby have I got news for you, you, you! You are my perfect lie! You thought when I changed it was for you but that was a lie. Thinking back now I see the mistakes I made. Whoa! But now its your turn to go! I can't go a day without thinking of you. Your my perfect lie. Let's be a beautiful lie together!" I sung. The beat slowed down again. "You think you are perfect but baby have I got news for you. But now I just stand back and s-c-r-e-a-m! Scream! My perfect lie." I was on my knees on the stage and I threw my arms out by me. The crowd roared. I bowed to them and stood up. I placed the mic on the stand. "Encore! Encore! Encore!" They chanted. "That was Beautiful Lie everybody!" The man said as we walked off the stage. "That was really awesome." Andy said as we walked back in the hallway. "Thanks." I smiled. "Now for the Black Veil Brides!" The mans deep voice boomed threw the karaoke bar. "Come on guys." Andy said and motioned his friends to follow him. They started singing and I couldn't help but listen. "I don't wanna be!" They all yelled. Hello my love,Well good riddance and farewell to you. This marks the day we met on your terms. Hello my hate, Well this marks the day I killed you. So cuddle, make your bed, we broke the ice... You're only dead and... I don't wanna be!
Another dead-weight victim of love tragedy and," I listened to his voice. It was so capturing. "I don't wanna be! Another "look like James Dean" punk trippin' sanity and, I don't Wanna be! Another straight edge poser preachin', Lets be smoke free! Cause all I wanna be! Is another "who cares" "shot dead" kid, I'm going down, down, down! I am your hate, you are my love, I am your lust, you are my love drug, The one that cures me. Hello my hate, Well this marks the day I killed you.So rest in peace, you made your bed... Quit haunting me your only dead!I don't wanna be! Another dead-weight victim of love tragedy and, I don't wanna be Another "look like James Dean" punk trippin' sanity and,"

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