this i just made off the top of my head and a litttle help from a friend!!

Chapter 1

dear stranger

Dear Dearst Stranger,
I know you might not know me but i probabley know you but I dont really know how to tell you this, but it's over we're through never again shall u see me watching you eat the cold left overs from the fridge through your window .I think I relized it the night i was going through your trash cans and saw you pick your nose infront of your bedroom window while watching $&# in the city( or somthing like that and then I saw you hang your your my litle ponies from the rafters then pour syrup on Your" My little pony " collection. and when you started throughing food at the T.V beacause Oprah was on! I'm sure you're open enough to understand that i get turned on by toliet paper.I'm returning you"re toe ring to you and wrist watch, but I'll keep the results of your blood sample as a memory of you.You should also know that i will always remeber your pep talks and I love Oprah but the thing I think I will miss most was watching you play with you little Vodo dalls that always seam to look like me in some mest up way it felt like those pines always punctured my hart but that might just be me..... since I'm emo! and every cut is for you NO...! PLZ DON't stop reading!!!! wait does this mean that I should take down thoes pics of you sleeping with that teddy bear??? yes..ok!! oh one last thing before i go guess what your love is my drug as you can see!! You have no idea how much it pais me to say this but i just can't go on knowing you cannot know me and i know you only...but i will never forget you...not because of the lock of hair i cut from your veryu head while you slept at your friends house...plz don't ask how i got in it's a loonngg story!! nor is it the toe nails you threw out last week!! not een the blood samples i stole from your doctor!! but don't worry i'll return that little teletby you keep in your closet....that'll be just bettween you and me!! but i must go....good sweet...sweet teletuby lover!


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