Bffs Reunited

Chapter 1

He's Here......

Clare and Eli were best friends when they first met in Mrs.Shantler's kindergarten class. But one day sadly in third grade Clare had to move, because her dad got a better job offer in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

That was 7 years ago and both of them had mostly forgotten each other. Although they never knew they would meet again.


"No one has noticed how I've changed. Maybe I should go back to old Clare." I said pulling out my oval - like glasses.

"Uh-uh. No way!" Alli said trying to grab my glasses.

Suddenly they flung out of my grasp and landed on the road. Before I could grab them a hearse drove over them. The car abruptly stopped. A boy dressed in all black came out went to the back wheel and grabbed them.

When he looked up he looked up I remembered him.


Once my parents told me and Darcy that we were moving in a week I went over Eli's house (he lived right next to me). I knocked on the door and his mom answered.

"Hi, Honey. What's up?" Mrs. Goldsworthy asked cheerfully

"Nothing I have to tell Eli something." I said.

"Ok. Go sit down I'll go get him." She said.

A minute later Eli came in and sat down next to me.

"What's up?" He asked in his usual happy manor.

"I'm moving in a week." I said sadly.

" Why?" he asked also sad.

"My dad got a job offer in Toronto." I explained.

"I'll miss you, you're my best friend." He said almost crying just like I was.

"I'll miss you too. Pinky promise you won't forget me." I said holding out my pinky.

"I Promise," he said taking my pinky.

We had spent all the time we could until I had left.

Flashback End

"Eli," I asked even though I knew the answer.

"Clare, it's been awhile " he said.

We hugged and then separated

"More like 7 years," I said happy to see him again.

We were interrupted by Alli clearing her throat and saying "I'm still here."

"Sorry. Alli This is Eli, Eli Alli"

"How did you guys meet anyway?" She asked curiously.

"Kindergarten," we both said in unison.

"Ok. I see Dave so I'll let you guys catch up." She said walking away.

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