Forgotten Heart (A love Story)

This story is about a 16 year old girl who fell in love, had the most wonderful boyfriend, Colin, then she was kidnapped and beaten. She forgets everything and then her boyfriend is framed and sent to jail, and she meats a new boy, George. She has to choose a guy, but can trust no one. Feel free to add on to the story, but please keep to the storyline above, and remember, Colin is sweet and shy, and George is alluring and mysterious.

Chapter 2


"Okay Mom. Yes I understand. I'll talk to you when I get home. My phone's about to die. I love you too, Bye." I let my phone flip shut then slid it back into my silver sequin clutch. A harvest moon set in against cloudless pitch black sky. The constant clicking of my black heels against the cracked pavement echoed through the streets. My cell phone let out a soft beep, I need to hurry home before it dies all together. The sound of my mothers frantic voice filled my head as I traveled on, "Be careful walking home. Use all the main roads & stay under the street lights." Slowly I approached the abandoned gas station at the end of town.It had been out of business because four years ago the owners nephew had been playing with a pack of matches near one of the gas tanks and it exploded. The impact had killed seven locals. Wind whistled through the forest full of trees with leaves of changing color: from green to vivid red, yellow, and rusty oranges. Chill bumps ran up my bare arms, and suddenly my mind directed itself to Colin. I had left my favorite red suede coat in the back of his midnight blue mustang he had recieved a few months for his 16th birthday. In the heat of our fight over his unexplained absentces on our way to the school junior homecoming dance tonight. I had been so upset that I hadn't spoken to him all night and then decided to walk home. Guilt wound its way into my heart and pulled my cell phone back out to call him. The battery bar was empty and blinking. I figured it had just enough power to call and apologize before it died all together. Colin was on speed dial so I clicked the call button and held the cold plastic up to my ear. The ringing became staticy as my earring rubbed against it. I let it go to voice mail then hung up. Headlines came over my eyes blinding me and i dropped my cell phone. I was blinded and couldn't see I let my eye adjust by blinking a few times. "Honey are you okay? You were screaming in your sleep," My mothers angelic voice had a hint of worry as her blurry figure came and sat at the foot of my queen sized bed. "I-I-I W-a W-as having a nightmare thats all Mom," I stuttered. "Well what was it about AnnaBoat?" My fathers stern voice came from the doorway, but i didnt look over to him. My sight had finally restored and I was focusing on my mothers concerned face. Her eyes had a tiny purple ring under each of them. AnnaBoat was my fathers "cute" nckname for me because when I was five I stole my cousins bath toy boat and slept with it until i was nine. "Well all I can remember was my phone beeping and headlights in my eyes. Then I woke up and couldn't see, but when I finally could you guys were standing in my door-way." "Are you okay?" My mother asking running her hand over my forehead to check for a fever. It wasn't until then I realized I had been sweating. Next to me my alarm clock went off telling me it was time to get ready for school. Quickly I silenced it and my parents left my room. As I went to my closet to pick out an outfit I glance out the window to see Colin's midnight blue mustang swing into the drive way. He saw me and waved, I returned the gesture. Today was going to be a roller coaster.

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