Forgotten Heart (A love Story)

This story is about a 16 year old girl who fell in love, had the most wonderful boyfriend, Colin, then she was kidnapped and beaten. She forgets everything and then her boyfriend is framed and sent to jail, and she meats a new boy, George. She has to choose a guy, but can trust no one. Feel free to add on to the story, but please keep to the storyline above, and remember, Colin is sweet and shy, and George is alluring and mysterious.

Chapter 1


"Just say yes to a nerdy one. Then he'll be happy and stuff."
"The problem is, I can't even get a nerdy one to ask me."
"Come on, Anna, you're gorgeous."
"Hm. Thanks Bridget. one has asked me."
"Then....maybe we can try--"
"NO", I yelled. "You cannot ask Derek to ask Colin to ask me. That's just embarrassing. and there's NO WAY he would agree. He's probably going with Meg."
Bridget smiled and brushed back a strand of her red hair exitedly. "No she's not! They just broke up yesterday!"
"How do you know?"
"The cheerleading squad is very close...speaking of cheerleading, I have practice in 15 minutes, I should change. Bye Anna!"
I didn't feel like returning her goodbye, so I just smiled. I was so happy right now. Colin was single. But then I remembered that I was single as well. I was one of 3 girls in my class who hadn't been asked to prom yet. I didn't know why; I was pretty, I was normal, I talked to guys plenty. "It won't matter in 10 years" I always tell myself. I got up off the bench and started walking towards the gym. It bitterly cold outside, and the gym was warm with unflattering lights and sweaty bodies.

I sat down in the corner of the gym and watched the varsity boys practice. Colin was on the varsity team. I watched him and only him over the top of the book I was pretending to read. The coach called 3 minute water break, and the team scattered to the 3 nearest water fountains. But then Colin turned. He turned toward me! He was coming over to me!
"Hey Anna," he said. I could not believe this was happening! "Oh, hi!" I replied nervously, trying to hide that my daydream of 3 years was coming true in a sweating school gym. He looked at me with those sapphire blue eyes and said "I know that you aren't going with anyone to prom, and my - my date just...ended yesterday, so I was wondering if you might want to go...with me?" I couldn't bear to look into his gorgeous eyes, so I stared at the patch of grey in his hair and replied "Are you serious? I'd love to!"
"Great. I'll pick you up at 8", and walked back to practice.
I ran out of the gym and hopped into my car. I smiled the whole way home.

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