Skill is Hard to Find (Ryan Sheckler Love Story)

Skill is Hard to Find (Ryan Sheckler Love Story)

Hey guys.

I know he isn't that famous but I love Ryan sheckler so I hope you enjoy this story! Rate and somment plz!

Name: Parker Jones
Age: 18 (pretend hes only 20)
Lokk like girl in pic.
Personality: Skater, tomboy, short tember, stongwilled, courageous
Size : 5'5; 102 pounds

Chapter 1

Regular Day, Or Not

Hi. I'm Parker Jones. I know, it's a boy name but hey, it fits my personality. Okay, well back with the story (which takes place during summer break, first week)

My phone rang singing 'Airplanes' from my back pocket. I swiftly took it out, and had it to my ear before it could continue on. "Hello?" I asked into the reciever. "You want to meet me at the park?" Tyler asked, convincingly. "Okay. Just give me time to get ready." I tol him, pressing 'END' and putting my phone back away. I quickened my pace home from work and soon enough broke into a full out sprint. I love going to the skate park. It was my passion. I ran up the front walk and threw open the door. I slowed lightly and took the steps 2 at a time.

When I reached my room I searched through my closet for my bag. I always go to the park incogneto because the other guys would kick me out, and trust me that is not fun. I slipt on the basketball shorts and the baggy teeshirt. I put my hair in a bun and slipped a DC hat over the top if it. I grabbed my board from the corner and ran back down the stairs. I slipped on a pair of Osiris's and headed out the door to my pick-up. I dropped my board in the back and pulled on the heavy door, closing it behind me. It started with a snarl, and I slowly pulled out of the driveway.

I pulled into the parking lot and looked over to see Tyler already on one of the rails. "Hey, Ty." I said in a fake boy voice. He looked up and over at me. "Sup, Parker." he said. I rolled over to him and just randomly did a kickflip. "When are you gonna stop wearing that stupid disguise," he asked. "Hey, your the only one who knows." I said in my regular voice. "It's been 2 years Park. I think you should show them what you've got." he told me, honestly. "I will when I want to." I snapped at him. I went over to the half pipe and did my best to distract myself from the other people there.

I started out with a simple 180, and got a few looks from a couple of girls there. I ignored it and went on to a 360. I earned a few more glances but nothing much. Next was the 540. "Hey, look at him. He's pretty good." someone said as whisper were beginning to form. I took it up to a 720 and a few people clapped. I looked over and saw a big group of people watch me. It didn't phase me at all. I moved onto a 900 and there were some more claps and a few whistles. I smiled to myself and did a backflip. There was an uproar as I landed it perfectly. I decided to do the unlanded 1080 (it actaully has never been landed before). I had been working on this trick for the past couple of weeks and I had landed it a couple of times.

I took a deep breathe and did a couple of Tailstalls so I could build up speed. I took one more deep breathe, and went for it. Time seemed to slow and everyone gasped. I landed it perfectly. Everyone went crazy. "He just landed a 1080!!" everyone screamed. "I got it on tape!" someone shouted. I froze. "Wha-what?" I asked to myself. "Parker!" Tyler called from the back of the group. I grabbed my board and pushed through the crowd. "Did you seriously just land that 1080?' he asked. "Umm yea?" I said, not sure what answer he wanted to hear. "Your going to be famous! Not even Shaun White could land that as good as you!" he yelled. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. Everyone gave him strange looks and he pulled away.

"I-I should go home." I said. I didn't want to be famous. I didn't need to be. "But. Why?" he asked. "I just do okay?" I snapped at him. "Okay. You mind gving me a ride home?" he asked. "Sure." I told him. He picked up his board and we walked over to my truck. I got in and hit my head against the back of the seat, closing my eyes. "Don't worry Parker. It'll be fine." he told me. I started the car and took my hat off so my hair was showing. Nobody noticed of course because we were already down the road.

I dropped him off at his house and drove around for a while. It was getting late. I decided to go back to the park, but as a girl. Still in my car, I slipped off the shirt to reveal a tanktop and took off the pants to find short shorts. I took out the bun and shook out my head.

When I got back to the park, there was none there. I grabbed my board from it's place in the back. I went over to the rails and did a few slides and grinds. I worked my way from the easy 50-50 to the hardest Darkslide, nailing them all as usual. I sighed as the lights stared coming on and decided that I should go home. I got back in my car and drove the familiar road back to my two story white house.

When I walked in the door, my 15 year old brother Hunter was watching TV. "Sis, your all over TV." he told me, his eyes glued to the screen. "What?!' I shrieked, running over ot him. I pushed him off the couch and he landed with a thud. I looked up at the TV, where he had been watching some skateboarding show, where the video of me landing the 1080 was plastered on the screen. "Oh god."

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