A Hogwarts Love Triangle ( A Draco Malfoy vs. Harry Potter love story)

Full Name: Alexis Onyx Black
Family: Dad, Sirius Black
Age: 10 years old (almost 11)
Birthday: Oct. 31st
School: Hogwarts
Hair color: jet black
Eye color: pale blue
Blood type: Pure
Nickname: Alex
Boyfriend: don't have one
House elf: Kreacher
Likes: Anything that has to do with pain, death, or hatred of people she hates.
Dislikes: The Malfoys, the Ministry of Magic, Bellatrix Lestrange, the Dark Lord, Death Eaters.
Pet(s): Owl, Shadow

Chapter 2

Mr. Malfoy

When 5 p.m came around I looked different. My hair was curled and I was wearing my favorite color of lip-gloss: Onyx Death. You could say I looked gothic but you should rethink that. I was at the door waiting for Mr. Malfoy. I wonder if Draco is even coming? I thought to myself. There was a knock at the door. I opened the door and Mr. Malfoy was standing there kinda glaring at me.
Me: Hello Mr. Malfoy
Malfoy: Good eveing, Miss Black. Draco is with his mother shopping, if you were wondering.
Me: Oh, he is.
I almost slammed the door because I remebered that Mr. Malfoy was a Death Eater like my father's cousin and so was what's his name. Servant to the Dark Lord.
Malfoy: Yes. You must be very excited to go to Hogwarts with my Draco.
Me: Yeah I would love to meet a snot nosed wizard just like you.
Malfoy: What did you just call me?!?!?!?!
Me: A snot nosed wizard. I also know that you're a Death Eater and severs Voldemort. Just like what's his name.
Malfoy: Yes it is true and you might as well die right now.
Lucius Malfoy pulled his wand out and was waiting for me to move.
Me: You should really put that away. My owl Shadow will come to me when I need him. Which is now. Did I ever tell you Jed is a wolf in owl form. He was always black ever since he was born.
Malfoy: Yes well it will be a shame that you're dead and Draco was dying to meet you. Now just stand there and I'll kill you.
Me: Before you do that I have one request.
Malfoy: What is it?
As I said that I ran as fast as I could. I ran past a dumbfounded Malfoy and out the door. I saw Shadow flying to my window and he saw me running. He followed.
Me: Shadow meet me at our place. If I'm not there get Headmaster Dumbledore for me.
Shadow understood what I said and flew off. I kept runnig for who knows how long.
Me: I will never go back to that horrible place again. Better go meet Shadow before he gets edgy.
As I walked into the pitch black darkness, I was unaware that someone was following me.

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