Tell Me:D

Hey everyone I will attempt to make a story on what would you do? all u have to do is comment. In the comment have the question # and a or b. Enjoy! Depending on which one is most chosen, I will make a quiz or a survey! Enjoy (again)!

Chapter 1

Part 1

1.You fall into a black hole.
a) NO! b) tries to run out
2. Your enemy is there.
a) help me out, please b) ugh
3. There is a trampoline
a) I'm saved! b) Payce out enemy
4. Pick the first one
a) hi b) the first one
5. You are out.
a) wait! my enemy is still trapped b) payce
6. Your enemy gets out and is chasing you
a) running b) im gone
Hope you enjoyed. Don't forget to comment


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