Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 24

okay this is part 24
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and this one is longggg

Chapter 1


by: kinewnew
A couple of days had passed and Ron was released from the hospital wing, Hermione and started talking to him again. Harry said that Dobby and Kreacher hadn’t updated him about Draco. I really think Harry should just give it up; it was very tiring and annoying. I don’t know why they have this sick obsession for each other. Draco and I would occasionally take glances at each other, but they never lasted more than three seconds. I missed him a whole lot, he never left my thoughts. Speaking of that, the necklace Draco bought me, it glowed. And I don’t mean it would flash like a warning signal, it glowed like a big lamp, and it never stopped. It was really getting annoying, and I wanted to ask him why that happened, but that would require associating with him, and I told myself I was done with Slytherins. Not to mention Easter break was tomorrow and I would once again, have to spend my vacation with him. We were sitting in the common room, the only ones awake besides a couple of other 6th years. Sitting by the fire, looking at the notice board which announced the apparition test. Ron was flipping out he still hadn’t gotten hang of it during the practice sessions. “At least you can apparate though! You’ll have no trouble in July.” Ron said to Harry. “Yea, but I only did it once,” Harry reminded him. “I’m telling you, this stupid Prince isn’t going to be able to help you with this Harry. There is only one way to force someone to do something for you and that’s the imperious curse and that is ill--” Hermione had started when Harry had pulled out his Potions book. “Yeah, I know that thanks,” he said grimly. “How do you spell belligerent, it can’t start with B O R,” Ron said interrupting, his quill shaking madly on his parchment. “No it isn’t and augury isn’t O R G,” Hermione said taking the parchment out of his hands. “What kind of quill are you using,” Hermione asked. “One of Fred and George’s spell check ones, but I think the spell is wearing off.” Ron told her. “Don’t worry I’ll fix it,” She told him. “I love you Hermione,” Ron said putting his arms behind his head and sinking into his chair. Hermione blushed deeply, while I laughed. “Don’t Lavender hear you,” I told him. “I won’t... or maybe I will and then she’d ditch me,” He said. “Why don’t you ditch her, if you want to finish it?” Harry asked. “You haven’t really chucked anyone have you, you and Cho just...” “Sort of fell apart,” Harry finished for him. I yawned, was getting ready to lay my head down and sleep, when there was a loud a crack. Hermione let out a high-pitched scream, and Ron jumped up, while Harry simply said, “Kreacher!” “Master said he wanted regular reports on the Malfoy boy, so Kreacher--” Kreacher was interrupted by another loud crack and Dobby appeared. “Dobby has been helping to, Harry Potter. And Kreacher ought to tell Dobby when he is coming to see Harry Potter so they can make their reports together.” Dobby squeaked. “Harry, what is this? What is going on?” Hermione asked, still shocked by the sudden appearances. “Well… they have been following Malfoy, for me?” Harry confessed. “Night and day,” croaked Kreacher. “Dobby hasn’t sleep once,” Dobby said. “Haven’t slept, surely you didn’t tell Dobby he couldn’t sleep,” Hermione shrilled. “Of course not,” Harry said quickly. “Dobby you can sleep, okay? But have any of you found out anything?” Harry asked them. “Harry Potter sir, the Malfoy is breaking no rules that Dobby can discover, but he is still keen to avoid detection. He has been making regular visits to the seventh floor with a variety of other students, who keeps watch for him while he enters--” “the room of requirement! That’s where he’s been sneaking off to. That’s why I can’t find him on the map, come to think of it I’ve never seen the room of requirement on the map.” Harry said. “Maybe the Marauders never knew the room was there,” I said. “I think it’ll be a part of the room’s’ magic, if you need to be unplottable, it will be.” Hermione said. “Dobby, have you managed to get in there to see what Malfoy is doing?” Harry asked. “No, Harry Potter, that is impossible.” Squeaked Dobby. “No its not,” Said Harry at once. “Malfoy has gotten into our head quarters last year, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to get in to see what he is doing. “But I don’t think you will Harry, Dra- Malfoy already knew exactly how we were using it last year. But you don’t know what the room becomes when Malfoy goes in there, do you? So you don’t know what to ask it to transfer into it.” I told him. “There will be a way around that, especially since we have you Adriana,” He said excitedly. I looked at him questioningly. “Well all you have to do is get really close to Malfoy like you were before. That way you can get him to fall deeply for you like he was before. But you have to do all that in a week.” Harry told me. I gave him a disapproving look, while Ron looked back and forth between Harry and me. “you were dating Malfoy!” he screeched. I nodded solemnly. “Bloody hell woman are you mad. Harry she cant talk to Malfoy at all while she is at his Manor tomorrow. We all seen what Blaise did to her eye, we don’t need Malfoy to do the same thing. Adriana listen to me, he is a bad person not to mention his aunt killed Sirius. Stay away from Malfoy, and that was not me asking you.” Ron shrieked causing Dobby to jump and bump into Kreacher. Who immediately took action. “Stop!” Harry boomed, “Kreacher, Dobby you both did a good job now you both may be dismissed.” Harry said, and they both bowed and were out immediately. “Now listen Ron, I think we all know Slytherins are bad, but what Malfoy is doing has to be dangerous and Adriana is the only one who can get answers out of him,” Harry told Ron calmly. Ron still looked unsure, “I don’t know Harry, if what Malfoy is doing is dangerous, don’t you think she will be in danger also?” Ron asked. “Harry, Ron, I don’t know if I want to do this, I haven’t talked to him in a month and if I just start asking questions I think he would get a bit suspicious.” I told him. “Which is why you have to take it one step at a time,” Harry told me, and I sighed. Hermione didn’t say anything and Ron just kept giving me weird glances. “Let’s just go down to lunch please,” I pleaded. They all nodded and we exited the common room. As I took I seat, I saw that Draco was looking at me gloomily. “See look Adriana, I think he wants to get back together,” Harry whispered to me. “Harry, first you wanted me to stay away from him, then when I did leave him alone you decide you want to me to be with him,” I told him. He just shrugged and went back to eating. I looked back at the Slytherin table, and saw that his gloomy look was quickly replaced with a look of mischief. And what he did next shocked me hugely. Draco turned Pansy so that she was facing him and brought his lips to hers. I drew in a sharp intake of breath as Pansy started kissing him back fiercely. I glared at them with hurt and anger, “Adriana what’s wrong?” Ron asked me with a mouth full of food. I said nothing and continued to glare at them. He pulled away, and wiped his mouth on his sleeve, but looked back at me with a smirk. And Pansy looked pleased with herself. I smiled back at Draco and turned towards Harry and brought my lips to his. He did nothing at first, but he started kissing me back, and he actually wasn’t bad at it. I heard a few gasps and I really hoped not a lot of people noticed this. I pulled away from Harry and blushed, trying really hard not to look him in the eye. “Whoa!” Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione said in sync. “Adriana, what was that?” Ron asked. I said nothing again and looked back at the Slytherin table and saw that Draco was fuming with anger. I smiled to myself, and looked back at Harry. “Listen you four; don’t say anything about that okay. I only kissed you because I wanted to get back at Draco for snogging Pansy.” I told him truthfully. “Oh okay,” Ginny said with relief. I raised my eyebrow at her, but she quickly turned around blushing. “Good Adriana, because Draco is your focus, not me.” Harry said, though he looked very satisfied with his self also. Hermione and Ron just shared a weird look and shrug. We finished eating and hurried to defense of the, though Harry said he’d meet up with us. As we went in I saw that Professor Snape looked grumpier than usual. Who knew that was possible. Harry walked in a while later, “Late again Potter, 10 points from Gryffindor,” Snape said coldly. Harry reluctantly took a seat by Hermione. “So Potter tell me the difference between the inferi and ghosts.” Snape asked Harry. “Well Ghost are transparent--” “oh seems like 6 years of magical training has gotten us this far,” Snape said. Pansy let out a high-pitched giggle. Harry took a deep breath and continued, but I could tell he was shaking with anger. “Yeah Ghosts are transparent and the inferi are dead bodies, aren’t they? So they’d be solid--” “a five year old could have told us as much. The inferius is a dead corpse that has been reanimated to a dark wizard’s spell. It is not alive; it is merely used as puppet to do the wizards bidding. As ghost, as I trust you all know by now, is the imprint of a departed soul left on the earth. And as Potter wisely told us ‘they are transparent.’ “Snape told us. “Well what Harry said is most useful if we were to tell them apart. If we were in a dark alley, we’re going to have a shufti to see if it’s solid, aren’t we, and we’re not going to ask it, ‘Excuse me are the imprint of a departed soul.” Ron said defensively and the class erupted with laughter. “Another ten points from Gryffindor. I would expect nothing more sophisticated from you, Ronald Weasley, the boy so solid he can’t even apparate half an inch across the room,” Snape said smirking. I looked at Ron who was shaking violently, but remained silent. He was very subdued at the end of lesson. Lavender caught up with Harry, Ron, and I as we were exiting quickly out of the class. Though Hermione seemed to disappear when Lavender made her way close. Ron looked very annoyed, and got away from her, as Harry and Ron went into the boys bathroom. This left me and her alone. I spotted Ginny and quickly left to catch up with her. “You still like Harry,” I said from behind her. “It’s just a little crush,” she said blushing madly. “Oh, so you getting mad at me kissing him, was just a crush?” I asked her. “Oh, look there’s Dean, got to go,” Ginny said rushing off. I walked back to the common room and saw Hermione sitting gloomily. I took a seat by her, “What’s wrong Hermione?” I asked her. She just sighed, “Oh, Ron problems,” I said understandingly. “What, there are no problems with Ron and me…. well maybe there is.” She said looking away. “Hermione I already know that you like Ron, it’s so clear to see. Just like it’s clear to see that Harry likes Ginny and Ginny feels the same.” I told her. “Does Ron feel the same?” Hermione asked. “Does Ron feel the same about what?” a voice asked from behind us, I turned around and saw that it was Harry, and Hermione took a deep breath in. Just as she was about to speak, Ron walked in. “so what happened with you guys,” I asked, quickly changing the subject. “Well Myrtle was in the boys bathroom, waiting for some little boy who cries and confesses his feelings to her. That’s pathetic, I have a feeling it was a first year.” Ron said grinning madly. I yawned, “ I’m gonna go head up to the dorm, coming Hermione?” I asked her, she nodded, “yea I think I will too,” Ron said looking just as tired. So we all went upstairs, Hermione immediately went to sleep. But I had a lot on my mind so I went down and sat by the fireplace, when I was sure everyone was sleep. As I sat down, the portrait hole opened, and Harry rushed in. “Harry what’s wrong,” I asked. “I’ll tell you later, but I need your potions book quick,” He told me panting. “Okay,” I said suspiciously. I raced upstairs and grabbed my book, careful not to wake Hermione, and raced back downstairs. “Thanks, you’re a lifesaver,” he told me and quickly exited again. I took a deep breath, and sat back down. Waiting impatiently for Harry to come back. He came back about an hour later, sweating madly, and was very pale. “What happened?” I asked as he took a seat beside me. “Malfoy is very hurt,” he told me, though he wouldn’t look me in the eye. “How?” I asked him frantically. “Well Adriana don’t get mad but—” “How!” I repeated more sternly. Harry took in a deep breath and began, “Well when I was upstairs I took out the Marauders map and noticed that Malfoy wasn’t in his dorm, but he was in the boy’s bathroom Myrtle was pleading with him asking him to stop and that he could confine in her. But Draco was crying and he wouldn’t tell her a thing. He just kept repeating ‘You can’t help me, no one can help me. He’s going to kill me if I don’t do it.’ Then he looked up and saw me in the mirror. So we pulled out our wands, and just as he was about to use an unforgettable curse on me, I used one of the prince’s curses and it was like there was an invisible sword slicing him up. He was covered in blood, and I thought that I had murdered him. Then Myrtle started shrieking and Snape came and asked me about the spell, and asked me to bring my potions book.” Harry told me quickly. I took a deep breath and slowly stood, and walked back up the stairs, without a word to Harry, without a word to anyone.


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