My True Love(a taylor lautner love story)

this is a new story and hopefully some people out there might actually read it.Anyway,plzzzz read cuz this might be the last story i'll ever write if i don't get at least 100 comments by the time this story ends, i'll delete my account if no one reads my stories! SO PLZZZZZZ EFFIN' READ..Plus if u read this whole story and post alot of comments,I'll write a story just for u the way u want it to be written.Just keep messaging me and you'll get any kind of story u wish for! plz enjoy!

Chapter 3

Who is she?!?!

Ok sory about the other 2 chaps wen i said they were in college they r actually in high s.Oh ya and taylor is not famous in this one so ya.

i got to school the next day and saw taylor in the hallway.I smiled and ran up to him.I kissed him lightly."hey Taylor",i said with a smile on my face."Hey alex".He already came up with a cute nickname for me!"So what would you like to do after school?"i asked."How about we go to the beach,just cuz i know you love going there"."Ya! sounds great"."so i'll pick you up around 7?"he asked."Ya thats fine".He smiled and walked off to his class.So ya another boring day,bla bla bla,u know the rest.

I got home and rushed upstairs to change.I waited hours for him to arrive.It was going to be great.I heard the doorbell ring and i rushed to answer.We kissed and then broke apart."So you ready to go?" "ya,i said i grabbedd my bag and we were hand in hand

We had a great time at the beach.We played around in the sand and chased eachother.We laughed the whole time.I was lying down on my towel just relaxing.Taylor was nxt to me.Surprisingly,we turned around to face eachother at the same time.He kissed me on the cheek."I love you Alexis"."I love you too".

We got home a litle while later.He dropped me off."See ya tomorrow Alex",he said.he kissed me on the cheek and i smiled.He left.

Next day~

i was back at school again,but taylor wasn't there.I wondered.Wel,maybe hes just sick.i took some books out of my locker and went to class.The day went by slowly,and my teachers were really pissing me off at this point!

After school~I drove home that day.I got home and set my bag down on the couch."hey mom im gonna stop by taylors house for awhile.Be back in an hour"."ok sweetei have fun",she called back.I wa sout the door again.I decided to walk there.Just wanted to see how he was feeling.I walk up the stairs but before i reach the top i see him standing inside.he definately didn't look sick to me! Then i look closer and see him kissing another girl! OMG how could he do this to me.Screw him! I shouldn't have gone out with him in the first place.Tears were rolling down my cheeks.i ran back home.Who is she?!?!

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