My True Love(a taylor lautner love story)

this is a new story and hopefully some people out there might actually read it.Anyway,plzzzz read cuz this might be the last story i'll ever write if i don't get at least 100 comments by the time this story ends, i'll delete my account if no one reads my stories! SO PLZZZZZZ EFFIN' READ..Plus if u read this whole story and post alot of comments,I'll write a story just for u the way u want it to be written.Just keep messaging me and you'll get any kind of story u wish for! plz enjoy!

Chapter 2

My First Date

I walked into school the next day searching for Taylor.Once again,i bumped into him in the hallway."oh,hey Taylor",was all i managed to say."Hey what's up?"he said."Nothin' really.Just having another horrible day in the worst school in the country",i said.He laughed.I loved that laugh of his.And his amazing smile.I giggled.It was silent for a moment,then Taylor said something."Hey Alexis,I was wondering if u wanted to go out some time?Like tonight." I stood there in shock.I barely knew him so i didn't exactly know what to do.he spoke up again."I really want to get to know u better,Alexis.Ur an amazing person",he said."Well then i'll see u tonight!" i said so loud all the other students turned around to face me.I blushed and looked down at the floor."I'll pick u up at seven.k?"he asked."Yea,that's fine with me".


Class after class I couldn't seem to pay attention.I thought about tonight.I thought about Taylor.During the middle of science,i began to day dream about Taylor and what our date would be like.I heard a voice off in the distance.I snapped out of my day dreams and saw my teacher infront of me yelling at me."STOP DAY DREAMIN' AND GET TO WORK YOUNG LADY!"Everyone was laughing.My face was as red as a tomato.I didn't even know what we were doing!I just had to pull myself together and focus for the rest of the day.


I got home at about 3:30.I tossed my bag on the couch and ran upstairs to change into something nice for my first date EVER!I put on a nice black and white short sleeve shirt with black jeggings and flats.I hurried downstairs to do my homework.I was sooo excited.I couldn't wait for Taylor to come.I really liked him.


Finally the doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat.I walked over to the door and opened it.Taylor pulled out a rose and handed it to me.I smiled.Before I knew it we were at the resturant.It was an amazing place and we had a great time.When it was all over,Taylor took me home."goodnight,Alexis".He kissed me on the cheek.He looked into my eyes and smiled."goodnight",he said again,"I'll see you tomorrow"."bye taylor".I watched him as he drove off into the night.I shut the door.I ran upstairs to my bedroom and plopped down on the mother walked into the room."well how did it go,honey?" "It was perfect,absolutely perfect",i responded."Brush ur teeth and get to bed missy.It's already 9:30,and u have school tomorrow." "alright,alright",i said.She left the room and i was alone once more.My first date was amazing.Taylor was amazing.My first relationship.I got in bed and went to sleep.I absolutely lOVED Taylor!

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