My True Love(a taylor lautner love story)

this is a new story and hopefully some people out there might actually read it.Anyway,plzzzz read cuz this might be the last story i'll ever write if i don't get at least 100 comments by the time this story ends, i'll delete my account if no one reads my stories! SO PLZZZZZZ EFFIN' READ..Plus if u read this whole story and post alot of comments,I'll write a story just for u the way u want it to be written.Just keep messaging me and you'll get any kind of story u wish for! plz enjoy!

Chapter 1

Best Day EVER!

Another boring day at school,i thought to myself.I slammed my locker shut and locked it.I headed for my first period class.Of course,everyone was out like a light during the middle of the period.Except for that nerd that always sat in the back of the room.I looked at the teacher,hoping he would realize that NO ONE was paying attention.But then again,none of the teachers actually cared about that kind of stuff.By the way my name is Alexis.I'm eighteen and starting my second year in college.But this is a horrible school.i live in beautiful California.

Later that day~

I shoved my books in my locker and got ready to go home.I turned around and luckily bumped into the cutest guy in school.Taylor Lautner! The embarrassing thing was that i fell on my rear end.I sort of blushed.I slowly lifted my head up and looked into his eyes.Then he smiled."I'm sorry,that was completely my fault.I wasn't looking where i was going",he said calmly.I smiled."um,it's okay.It was my fault".He laughed.He stuck out his hand.It took me a moment to realize what he was waiting for.I felt so stupid.I reached for his hand."I'm Taylor Lautner",he announced."U probably know me,"I said happily.He nodded his head slowly.Of course,he didn't remember,so i spoke up."You see me in the hall everyday.I'm Alexis Houseman"."Oh yea,I remember you.What's up?" I had no clue what to say.i had to think of something."Um...nothing really.How's ur life?"I felt so stupid saying that.He grinned."I'm doing great",he said.He took out a post-it and pencil and started writing something.I observed carefully.He handed it to me."I gotta go Alexis,but here's my phone number.I want to get to know u better.Call me.kay?" I nodded quickly with a big smile on my face."Yea,I will see u tomrrow",i said.He smiled and walked away.I watched him walk out of the building not realizing i was the only person there."Get a move on,missy",the janitor said.I turned around towards the door again and ran out.


I had just completed my homework and was up in my bedroom.I had the post-it in one hand and my cell phone in the other.I studied each carefully wondering if i should call him.But then again,what would i say if i called?Would i just call Taylor and make a fool out of myself not knowing what to say?Should i wait till i get to school tomorrow and talk to him then?I finally decided to wait til i got to school.Plus i was way to nervous.PLUS,what WAS i going to say?I placed my cell on the night stand beside my bed.i placed the paper beside it.I just got ready for bed.

At night`

i tossed and turned all night thinking about Taylor.I was sooo nervous to talk to him but i couldn't stop thinking about him.The greatest part was that after 30 mins i fell asleep and hoped that i would remain asleep and not wake up because of some crazy Taylor Lautner dream!But I gotta say,it was great to actaully speak to Taylor today.Three words.Best day....EVER!

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