Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 22

so here's is part 22
we fimally get to know who is was that was in the room
oh and in case you havent noticed my stories are all about surprises
soo remember expect the unexpected
ohh and im sorry to say that this story is almost over probably 5-8 more chapters left
yes i know it is depressing

Chapter 1

Slytherin’s Are Jackasses

by: kinewnew
Blaise looked behind him but there was a flash of white light and he was suddenly raised in the air and off of me. He was hoisted upside down, where it looked like someone was holding him by the ankle. The spell was familiar, I looked up, and surely enough Harry was standing there, wand pointed at Blaise. “Potter put me down, or you’ll regret it,” Blaise said, though his voice was a bit shaky, from all the blood rushing to his head. “No, you’re going to regret ever hitting Adriana!” Harry told him. I was still a bit shaken though I told Harry, “Harry let him down,” I said calmly. He looked at me, as if I was crazy, but he raised his wand a bit higher and there was another flash of light, and Blaise was released. “Stupefy,” Harry yelled, and Blaise fell with a thump. “C’mon Adriana, let’s leave before that ignorant prat wakes up,” Harry said walking towards me. I nodded and stood up, forgetting that I was nude from the waist up. Harry stopped in his tracks, “um, maybe you should get dressed first,” he said blushing, but turned so he wasn’t facing me. I put my school robes back on, and we walked out of the room of requirement. “Oh look its wee potty, and…. Whoa potty is beatin’ up girls on the 5th floor,” Peeves the poltergeist screamed. “Peeves get out of here and mind your on damn business.” Harry said. “Abstinence,” he said to the fat lady and she let us in. “I’ll ask someone to get Hermione,” harry said sitting me down by the fireplace. “No, Harry please stay down here, don’t leave me alone,” I pleaded with him. He nodded, and took a seat by me. “Your eye is turning purple and bruising up,” he told me. “Do you know how to fix it?” I asked him. “No I don’t,” he said with sorrow. “Harry how did you know I was still in there,” I asked him. “This,” he said pulling out a piece of parchment. I quickly recognized it to be the marauder’s map. “I saw that your name wasn’t placed in the Gryffindor girls’ dormitory, and Zabini’s wasn’t placed in the Slytherin boys’ dorm. I was starting to worry because it was getting late, I didn’t trust him.” he told me. “But you never did this with Draco, I mean Malfoy.” I said. Harry sighed, “well Adriana, when you and Malfoy were going out, I seen the way he would look at you and it was with Love. But Zabini would always look at you with lust. So when I had reached the room of requirement, my thoughts were desperate and they kept repeating ‘I need to get in that room Adriana and Zabini are in.’ it eventually let me in, and now here we are.” Harry said. “Oh Harry,” I said, and pulled into a deep hug. “Well, what is going on here?” Ron asked walking down the stairs from the boys’ dorm. I quickly pulled away from Harry, “it’s nothing Ron,” I told him. He continued to walk down the stairs. “Adriana, I don’t think Zabini would like it if—what happened to your eye? Did Zabini do this to you? When I see him, I’m going to—” Ron started, fuming up with anger. “Ron calm down, please. I don’t want anyone to hear you.” I said. He nodded and took a seat. “Do you want to talk about it?” Ron asked as he took a seat on the other side of me. I shook my head, “no, not really,” I told him. “So— Harry what did Dumbledore show you this time?” Ron asked him, trying to change the subject. Harry told us everything not leaving out a single detail. “Well you are Professor Slughorn’s favorite, he loves you. Wont refuse you anything, would he?” Ron asked him. “Well sure, but,” Harry had started. “Look you guys, I need to get sleep, so I’ll see you tomorrow.” I told them. They both nodded solemnly, “don’t worry Zabini is going to get it,” Ron told me. I simply nodded and continued up the stairs. I tiptoed in the room, and thankfully Hermione was sound asleep, and I was also.

I woke up, before Hermione had, and hurriedly gotten ready. I put on my usual school robes, but I added one of the Hogwarts caps to my outfit. I thought it would conceal my eye best. “Oh, Adriana, you’re already ready. How was your night with Blaise?” she asked me, yawning. “Oh it was just fine,” my voice cracked a little, so I knew she knew I was lying. She slowly walked up to me and removed my cap. “Adriana, he did this to you?” she shrilled. “Hermione, a little bit louder I don’t think Grawp heard you.” I told her. “I can’t believe he did this to you, does Harry know?” she asked me. “Yea, he was the one who saved me before Blaise could do anything worse.” I told her. She pulled me into a hug and handed me my hat back. We didn’t talk at all while I waited for her to get ready. We walked down and no one really said anything about my hat, thankfully. Hermione never left my side as we walked down to potions. I never looked up, and I was getting ready to turn the corner someone bumped into me, knocking my hat off. I looked up and Draco was getting ready to stand up my hat in his hand. “Watch where I’m going, you bloodtraitor.” He said, I didn’t look up, “Can I have my hat back,” I asked him. “Oh, you want your hat back? That’s ok; I think I might keep it.” He said. “Can you please just give me my hat back,” I asked voice cracking. “Aww Drackey, I think she is going to cry.” I heard Pansy Parkinson cackle. I felt someone lift my face up, and I was looking Draco dead in the eye. His smirk was wiped off his face as he saw my swollen black eye, and he released my face. He handed me my hat back, and I felt someone’s arms around my shoulders. I looked up, and saw that it was Blaise, “let go of me,” I immediately said. “Now,” I heard someone say beside me. “Draco, what do you think you are doing,” Blaise asked, arm still around me. “I said now,” Draco said, his expression was very scary, but Blaise kept his arm around me. I was getting ready to push him off when I heard a crack of someone’s nose, and Blaise’s arm was no longer around me. I felt another pair of hands pull me away, but I saw that it was just Ron. I looked around and saw that everyone was crowding in, so I made my way to the front, and saw that Draco was punching Blaise in the face. I wanted to go in and stop them, but I turned and saw Professor McGonagall coming. “What is going on—MR. Malfoy, Mr. Zabini, stop it this instant. Detention for a week, both of you.” She shrilled, and Draco reluctantly let go of Blaise. Ron and Harry had walked on either side of me and led me into potions. “Mrs. Smith, I know a great potion that can fix that eye of yours,” Professor Slughorn told me. I nodded and went over to sit by Hermione. “Hermione look you and Ron ha--” I started to tell her. “No Adriana we will not, so forget it,” she interrupted. Ah she is so stubborn. “Okay class I need you to make an antidote that would work for each of these potions.” Slughorn said. Hermione got to work right away, I was a bit lazy. I just mimicked everything she did, I took a glance at Harry, who was just sitting but seemed to have some sort of stone in his hand. Then I looked at Ron who seemed to be having as hard of time as I was. “Time’s… UP” Slughorn bellowed. “Now let’s see what we have got,” and he started walking the classroom looking at people’s antidotes. He reached Harry, “and what do you have for me Harry?” he asked. Harry held out his hand. “You’ve got nerve boy!” he boomed, taking the stone out of his hand, and holding it up for the class to see. “Oh, you’re like you mother… well I couldn’t fault you… a bezoar would surely be an antidote to all these potions!” I sighed and Hermione looked furious. The only person, who looked as angry as Hermione, was Draco, but I knew that was for a different reason. “Time to pack up, and 10 points to Gryffindor, for sheer cheek,” Slughorn said. We all packed up, except for Harry. I just shrugged it off and headed out the door. Draco was waiting by it, “Adriana can we talk,” he asked me. “I don’t really want to talk, but I know these are the words that you want to hear so. You was right, I was wrong.” And with that I left him standing there alone.


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