A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)

A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)


Chapter 3

I love you rose

After so many stares and a minute of silence uncle john decided to save me from this hell hole "um how bout we get going now?" He asked. Aunt Gem and uncle John i call him jay took my bags and we walked to the car. My uncle had a black Mercedes Benz. I jumped into the back seat. Jake and Renesmee went on Jake's motorcycle. I envy that girl! After my long ride of staring at her show off i finally reached my aunts beach house. It looked exactly how i remembered it. Jake and Renesmee went home. I entered the house and king the pit bull that they have came racing to lick me. "Hey king!" I yelled falling to the floor as he jumps on me and licks my face. He got off of me and gem took me to my room which looks like the picture above. "omg gem its beautiful i love it!" i said jumping up and down the bed. She smiled "i hoped you liked it i didn't know what my rose would like i just guessed." She walked out proudly and closed the door behind her. I looked inside my purse and took my i phone 4 out. It had one new message.
I read it: Sry about reny she gets really overprotective when girls are around me. I want to make it up to you meet me at la push beach at 10 -message over. I smiled when i read that message. Maybe Jake still loves me.I looked at the locket i had on me which was the one Jake gave me the day i left ,it had a picture of me and him on it on the back of it it said -I love you. After unpacking my clothes and putting it in my closest i took my phone and decided to call Megan and Jay. Megan is my best friend Ive known her since 1st grade she really knows me and can get retarded sometimes but tats her. Jay short for Jaylene is another best friend of mine Ive known her since 6th grade shes short and funny she really chears u up you know?I called them and it went to voice mail: sorry we couldn't pick the phone up rite now but please leave us a message bye! I didn't leave them a message it was about to be 10 i looked in my closet and put on a 2 piece and clothes on top of it: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=27171047
I ran down the stairs and to the beach. I was laying down on the wet sand. "hey beautiful."someone said. I looked up and it was Jake, I patted the the sand for him to sit next to me. He did. He looked worried. "Jake you didn't have to come if you dint want to I just want to kno-" He kissed me passionately. i was surprised. "Rose the truth is I never stopped loving you

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