A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)

A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)


Chapter 2

how long was it?

Its been a while since I've been in la push i moved to California like 4 years ago back then i was only 15 now im 19. I Kept in touch with jay and Megan but were not as close as we use to be. I'm coming to la push by surprise. Well one of the reasons why its a surprise its because i ran away from home too many problems and my dad and mom divorced they want me to choose sides and im not going to.
I called Aunt Gem and Uncle John to pick me up from the airport.
call: hi um this is rose you know your niece
gem: i know your voice anywhere yeah were picking you up today and i have a surprise for you.
me: k bye
call over
after 3 hours of being in a plane i finally got out felling really dizzy i was wearing:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=26315026
i was walking out of the airport when someone garbed me from behind.
"what the hell do yo-"i didn't finish my sentence it was Jacob. I looked at him and was like what happen to him. He had short hair and and muscles.
I guess he saw that i was staring so he began to talk. "Hey rose its been so long."he smiled.(thought:wow even his voice is deeper)i cleared my throat
"yeah i miss you so much!" i said cheerfully. I garbed him into a hug." And you must be rose im Renesmee."a girl who was really pretty said staring at me like she wanted to kill me. "Oh yeah rose this is my frien- um girlfriend.Jacob said staring down at the floor. Awkward i thought.

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