A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)

A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)


Chapter 13

If you wanted to make up why bring the devil with you?

We were in Jason's car. "So um are you sure your okay?" He asked me for like the hundredth time. "Yea can we just go to your house? I'm tired." I said starting to yawn. "Okay." Jason said.

We were already in the apartment. "So where am i gonna sleep?" I asked my eyes closing. He didn't answer my question, well i didn't hear it because i fell on the floor of tiredness.

I felt someone lift me and place me on something so soft. I smiled happily.

I woke up to a knock on the door. "Ugh!!!!! Who could that be?" I said getting up from the.....I turned around to see what i was sleeping on. Oh i was sleeping on a couch. It was so soft! I slid on blankets.

"Owwww." I said rubbing my back but walking over to the door because somehow Jason was no where to be found. I opened it and was disappointed at who knocked on the door and woke me up.

I slammed the door and walked back to the couch turning on the t.v "Please Roselin open the door!" Jacob said. "Oh no. You did not just call me Roselin! Only people who aren't jerks call me Roselin!" I yelled.

He banged on the door "let me explain please!" He yelled banging the door again. "Why?! Jacob i gave you so many chances but you ruined it always." I said turning off the t.v there was nothing good on.

"But last time you didn't let me! Roselin....I mean Rose" His voice sounded irritated. "If you wanted to make up why bring the devil with you?" I said walking to the door.

"You mean Renesmee? And because shes here to help!" He said. I touched the door. "Help with what? I said. "She was going to tell you that she started kissing me and that she loved me but sees that you love me more" I smirked.

"What makes you think i love you more? You had your chances. But they've expired. I cant keep putting my feeling for you on hold. I'm sorry." I said.

I'm really sorry. I wish it could of been different

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