A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)

A never happy ending(A Jacob black love story)


Chapter 1


"Stop Jake, stop it hurts."i yelled laughing.
'Kiss me rose....I love you." Jake said grabbing me into a hug.
i pecked him in the lips then he pushed me to the bed still tickling me. Then he grabbed something out of his pocket and placed it around my neck. I love you Rose. I will always love you no matter what happens. I looked at him confused as to why he said that."Me to Jake?" I was going to kiss him again but my mom yelled from down stairs. "Rosa i need you downstairs so we could talk!" i walked out of my room followed by Jakey. "For what." i said as i walked down the stairs to the living room. As i got there, a man in a suit was siting in the couch. My dad and mom in a love seat across from him. "Sit down rose"my dad told me. I stood up next to my mom. "whats the problem." i asked. My mom and my dad both looked at me. "Honey your father here has been transferred to California....so we have to move tomorrow so that your dad can go to work on Monday." "NO.....NO YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME MOM.... I CANT LEAVE MEGAN AND JAY AND AND AND JACOB. IM GOING OUT WITH JACOB MOM I CANT LEAVE HIM. PLEASE LET ME STAY I CAN LIVE WITH AUNT GEM AND UNCLE JOHN. PLEASE MOM(I was on my knees about to cry) the guy sitting on the couch got up and began to say " I'll see you on Monday its nice to meet you Mrs.Thorn. He got up and left. My mom looked at me like it was my fault he left. "Mom please let me stay. I cant leave my friends and Jake .......please"

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