Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 21 Surprise, Surprise

part 21!!! the title says it all
the song in the begging is for both ron and blaise

recap(since its been requested)
Adriana and Draco were spending christmas break together. where lips were touched, words were shared and feeling were felt.

Chapter 1

Surprise, Surprise

by: kinewnew
If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I/ swear I’d be a better man/
I’d listen to her
Cuz I know how it hurts
To lose the one you wanted
Because you’ve taken her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
But your just a boy
Draco and I didn’t kiss again for the week left during break. And we did keep up our promise to be just friends, but not at school. We went back to Hogwarts with floo powder. Though I arrived at Professor McGonagall’s office. “Welcome back Mrs. Smith. Potter and the Weasley’s shall be arriving momentarily maybe you’d wait for them,” she told me. “Of course professor,” I said and surely enough Ginny exited the fireplace. “Hi Adriana,” Ginny said surprised. Harry then came out, Ron following behind him a few moments later. “Hey Adriana, nice break?” Harry asked pulling me into a hug. “Yeah, how was yours?” I asked. “It was odd, dobby sent Harry maggots for Christmas,” Ron told and laughed along with him. “Yea well why don’t you show Adrian the necklace Lavender sent you,” Harry said, that shut Ron up. “Alright, enough catching up. I’m assuming you four would like to get back to the common room.” McGonagall said. “Yes Professor,” we told her in unison and exited her office. “Sooo… Ron let me see your necklace,” I asked him. “No, it’s embarrassing and I hope she doesn’t expect me to walk around wearing it all year,” Ron said frowning. I looked at Harry, “is it really that bad?” I asked, he nodded fighting off a grin but failing. “Please Ron.” I asked him, he sighed and slowly digged into his pocket and pulled out a gold chain with the words ‘my sweetheart’ on it. “Ron that’s very…. Um its very… nice,” I told him fighting off my smile, but Harry and I just couldn’t contain our laughter anymore. “oh laugh it up now, c’mon Adriana you have to have something bad also, especially since you were staying with the Malfoy’s.” Ron pestered. I thought about the times me and Draco snogged, and our talks, and just hanging out as ‘friends’. “Nah, can’t think of anything… wait well Narcissa Malfoy did buy me a book called The Success on being a pureblood.” I told them. “Well typical Malfoys, thinking their all superior and stuff,” Ron said. I just nodded, and we finally reached the Fat Lady. “Baubles,” Ron said confidently, when we reached the Fat Lady who winced at his loud voice. “no.” she said. “What do you mean ‘no’?” Ron asked. “There is a new password, and please don’t shout,” she told him. Ron was starting to look a bit angry “but we’ve been a way how are we suppose to--” “Harry! Ginny! Adriana!” a voice said from behind us, we all turned around to see who it was. Hermione was hurrying toward us, pink in the face. “I got back a couple of hours ago. I was visiting buckb—I mean witherwings and Hagrid.” She said breathlessly. “Did you have a good Christmas?” “Yea, pretty eventful Rufus Scrim--” Ron started. “I’ve got something for you harry,” said Hermione, not paying any attention to Ron at all, who did look a bit hurt. “Oh hang on password is Abstinence.” Hermione said to the door. “Precisely,” the Fat Lady crooned and swung open. “What’s with her?” I asked. “I think she’s hungover, she and her friend Violet drank their way through all the wine in that picture of drunken monks,” Hermione said while handing a piece of paper in Dumbledore’s handwriting. “Great” harry said, “I’ve got loads to tell him, and you two so sit down.” But at that moment Lavender Brown rushed in from nowhere. “Won-won,” she squealed and wrapped herself over him. Harry and I snickered, and Hermione let out a forced laugh. “There’s a table over there… coming Ginny?” Hermione said. “No thanks, I said I’d meet up with Dean,” she told us and walked away, though Harry was still watching her. But her finally broke away and led us to a spare table. “so how was your Christmas?” Harry asked her. “Oh fine, nothing special. How was it at Won-won’s?” Hermione asked. “I’ll tell you in a minute,” said Harry. “Look can’t you just--” “no Harry I can’t so don’t bother asking. What about you Adriana, how was it at the Malfoy’s.” she asked me. “Oh, um nothing particularly great,” I told her, but she knew we’d talk about it later when Harry wasn’t around. “So Harry what did Ron mean about Rufus Scrimgeour coming over?” I asked him. “Well he came over asking if I was really the chosen one. But Lupin came over too. He said he has been living with fellow werewolves. He said it was Greyback who bit him.” he told us. “Are you serious?” I shrilled. He nodded. Hermione didn’t say anything, she really wasn’t paying attention to us, she just kept looking jealously at Lavender and Ron. “Adriana, are you ready to go back to the dorm?” she asked me. “Um, sure, see you tomorrow Harry,” I told him. We walked off to the Girl’s dormitory, and I laid down. But that didn’t stop Hermione from boasting up with questions. “So, what happened at the Malfoys? Did you do anything that would upset Blaise? Did you--” “Hermione slow down. This is what happened, so Draco and I kissed a couple of times,” I told her. “What’s a couple?” she asked. “way too many to count, and we had some very nice talks, but I told him that while I’m seeing Blaise we can only be friends.” I told her. “His house elf Ginger told me, something that made Harry theory seem true. She told me Voldemort has a deadly mission for Draco, something that required death.” I told her, and she gasped. “Did you tell Harry about this,” she asked me. “No Hermione, I can’t tell Harry just yet. You know he’d tell Dumbledore. I’m just going to wait awhile until I specifically know what he is planning.” I told her. “oh no Adriana, this is it. You have to stop hanging out with Malfoy; you don’t know who the person he is supposed to kill is. This is dangerous, it could be you, me, Harry, or Dumbledore for crying out loud.” Hermione jabbered. “Hermione calm down, I honestly don’t think that he is planning to kill me, you Harry or Dumbledore, okay.” I said trying to reassure her. But she still looked a bit queasy and said nothing for the rest of the night. I met up with Harry and common room, and they were looking at some large sign on the bulletin board.

Apparition Lessons

If you are seventeen years of age, or will turn on or before the 31st august next, you are eligible for a twelve-week course of Apparition Lessons from a Ministry of Magic Apparition instructor. Please sign below if you like to participate. Cost: 12 Galleons

I hurriedly took at my quill and signed my name up. Ron was getting to ready sign up also, when Lavender snuck up behind him and wrapped her hands around his eyes and trilled, “guess who Won-won?” I turned around and saw Hermione stalking off and I quickly followed her, Harry on my heels, not wanting stay behind with Ron and Lavender. Ron caught up us; a little way beyond the portrait hole, without a word Hermione sped up to walk with Neville. “So... Apparition should be laugh, eh?” Ron asked, his tone making it perfectly clear to Harry and I not to talk about what just happened. Just then Blaise came up to me, and he put his arms around my shoulder, “hey Adriana, wondering where you were,” he said bringing his lips to mine. I heard Ron and Harry gag, “I’ll see you guys later,” I told them and walked off with Harry. “So you didn’t have fun at the Malfoys, did you? And I see you are wearing the bracelet I bought you.” He said smiling. “No, of course I didn’t, and yep I sure am.” I told him, trying to make my voice as believable as possible. I was wearing Blaise’s bracelet, but also concealed fairly well under my school robes was the necklace Draco gave me. I heard whispering behind me and saw that Draco was walking with his two stooges Crabbe and Goyle. He nodded and I turned back around. “So, Adriana since we’re back, you should meet me in the room of requirement tonight at 11. So you know we can catch up,” he told me. “Um sure,” I told him nervously; because I really wasn’t sure I wanted to go. And we walked into potions, where I took a seat by Hermione. “so you did you tell Blaise about you and Malfoy?” she asked me, head still in her book. “Hermione shhh, no I didn’t but I will,” I told her, “well you better because you don’t want him and Malfoy to get in an argument and something slips out, would you?” she asked. “No I wouldn’t, but I’ll tell him tonight,” I sighed, and she went back to her book. Classes went by fast, and it was boring, but it was the day back from break. I sat in the common room with Harry. Hermione was in the in the library, of course, but I think she was just avoiding won-won and lav-lav. “So harry shouldn’t you be heading to Dumbledore’s office?” I asked him. “Oh right, see you guys later,” he said starting to get up. “wait I’ll go with you,” I told him. “Um, okay,” he said suspiciously and we walked out of the portrait hole. “so where are you going Adriana?” Harry asked me. “I’m going to go meet up with Blaise in the room of requirement.” I told him. “didn’t you used to meet Malfoy there, was he ever there before you were?” Harry asked me. “um yea I think so, why?” I asked him back. He just shook his head and I turned the other corner, Harry is still suspicious about Draco, I definitely cant tell him what Ginger told me. I saw Blaise waiting and I crept up behind him. “hey,” I said a little loudly and he jumped. I snickered. “hey,” he said back. He pulled out his wand, “Blaise, what are you doing?” I asked him, but he just muttered. “obscuro,” and there was immediately a blindfold over my eyes. “I want the room to be a surprise,” he told me, and I felt a hand in mine, leading me to somewhere. I was pushed down on to something soft, and light was suddenly given back to me. I looked around, the room was amazing. It was white with red rose petals scattered everywhere and there were lit candles. “wow,” was all I could say. “I know,” he told me smilinghe started walking toward me, pushing me down until my back was on the big white bed, and his lips were to mine. I kissed him back, though this kiss was different and it scared me. it was filled with aggression and need. His hand slowly started to make its way up my shirt to were it was just lingering under my breast. “Blaise, stop I’m not ready for this yet.” I told him removing his hand, and tried to pull myself up, but he kept me on the bed with his strong grip. “c’mon Adriana.” He said, and then placed his lips back to mine again. I kissed him back, but his hand continued to snake up my shirt and he grabbed at my breasts. “Blaise I said stop! I’m not ready.” I told him, and again tried to push him off of me. He ignored me and continues putting his lips against mine. I started frantically pushing on him to get up, and he finally removed his lips, but his hand made contact with my face. “Shut up, you little sl/t, and enjoy what’s coming to you.” He told me icily. “Blaise, what has gotten into you?” I asked him, face stinging. “Nothing has gotten into me, but I know what’s getting ready to get into you,” he told me with an evil smile and brought his lips to mine once more. He started at my shirt again, but this time he ripped it off, he was about to rip my bra off too, but I bit his lip. “ow, sht,” he said and he slapped me hard again, I was starting to taste blood in my mouth. He pulled my bra off and starting roughly fumbling with my breast. “Blaise, stop, get off me. Someone please help me.” I pleaded, tears starting to fall down my face. he slapped me again, “stop crying, nobody can hear, its just you and me,” he said while taking my pants off leaving me in just my underwear. “your wrong,” a voice said from behind him.


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