Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say

Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say

It is the sequel to "My Eyes are Full of Tears because of You" This story is mostly switching from Draco and Lily's point of view. I don't feel like writing a recap (lazy :P) so if you want to know what happened, read my first one. I hope you like!

Chapter 33

19 Years Later

Narrator's POV:

The crisp, fall day let children and teenagers of all ages know it was time for them to get back to school. Or starts school.

"Hurry up!!! We are going to be laaaate!!!"

"Relax Scorpius, we aren't going to be late." Lillianna said, running to catch up with her son. Lily's husbund lagged behind them, looking around, then noticing Harry Potter with a little girl on his arm, taking his children to the train station also.

"Draco, what are you looking at?" snapped Lily, gaining his attention. "Your brother, he's right over there." Draco said, nodding in Harry's direction.

"We'll say hello to them later." Lily said. Draco nodded and turned to Scorpious with Lily. Lily then said to her son, "Make sure you let us know what house you are in, and please try to get along with your cousin."

Scorpious folded his arms and said, "Albus irritates me. And I already know I am going to be in Slytherin. James says you always go where your sibling goes. Draco Jr. was is Slytherin, so that's where i'll be."

Lily sighed and gave Scorpius a hug and said, "That isn't necessarily true. Try not to believe everything James says. He sometimes tells you things to mess with you."

Scorpius pulled away from the hug and looked at his parents, saying, "It isn't? But, All of daddy's family are Slytherins."

"Nope it isn't. That is true, but your mother was in Slytherin and your Uncle Harry was in Gryffindor. It all depends on your personality. But if you really want to be in Slytherin, try asking for it." Draco said.

Scorpius nodded and the family gave their goodbye hugs and Scorpius got onto the train. Lillianna and Draco waved as the train pulled away. Lily looked at Draco and asked, "Did Draco Jr. get on the team? I never was able to read his letter yet."

"Ya, he did. He's definatly excited. Being a beater for England and all." Draco replied. Lily gave Draco a peck on the cheek and they walked over to say hello to Harry and everyone else. The sleeve of Lily's dress brushed against her Dark Mark. And for nineteen years, she didn't need to worry about that. For once, there was no need to worry at all.


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