Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say

Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say

It is the sequel to "My Eyes are Full of Tears because of You" This story is mostly switching from Draco and Lily's point of view. I don't feel like writing a recap (lazy :P) so if you want to know what happened, read my first one. I hope you like!

Chapter 3

Death Eater Meeting

Draco's POV:

Has Voldemort always looked that freaky? I thought to myself as I sat at the Death Eater meeting. Voldemort was going on about muggles, mudbloods, and Potter. BORING! If it wasn't Voldemort, I would've fallen asleep. The only interesting thing that happened was that he killed the Muggle-studies teacher right in front of everybody. That was actually scary and I feel so bad for her. Even if I didn't like the subject she taught, I wouldn't kill her.

"Harry Potter's birthday is coming soon, which means the charm will break. We'll surround the house and attack when it breaks." Goyle said. "Aah, that should be quite easy. Potter will be alone and he won't be able to do a single thing with all of us surrounding him." said Voldemort, relaxing. "My Lord, he won't be alone. He will have one more, but that shouldn't make much of a difference, I'm sure." Father said. I tensed up. I knew exactly who he was talking about...Lily. Voldemort didn't know about Lily. Apparently, she was with Sirius Black on that night and was never attacked. Hagrid got her when Sirius Black arrived to look at the remains of the house, according to Lily anyways. "Not alone, I'm sure those stupid muggles left by now." Voldemort snapped angrily. Uh oh...never anger him. "My Lord, forgive me for not telling you sooner, but Potter has a sister, Lily. Named for her mudblood mother." Father said. "I do not forgive, but I will spare you Lucius, for you have proven your loyalty. Tell me more about the little girl, where was she hiding?" Voldemort said. I sunk in my chair. Don't bring me into this, Don't bring me into this, Don't bring me into this I kept saying over and over in my head. "I'm sorry My Lord, but I know nothing more. Draco might, he went to school with her." my father said, turning too me. Great, he dragged me into this. "I don't know her very well. She is Potter's sister. I've avoided her my whole life. I'm sorry I know" I said, trying my best to protect her. Voldemort nodded and continued making preparations. I just sat there quietly, trying not to draw attention to myself. This was a long meeting.

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