Dance Your Way To My Heart

Dance Your Way To My Heart

Riley was just a regular teenage girl until she met the person that changed her life. Will fame over come her? Or will it be love?

Chapter 1


"Mom!" I shouted as I ran down the worn white staircase. "Yes sweety?" she asked, looking up from her bubbly pan. "I won tickets to go see Justin Bieber!" I told her, enthusiasm boiling in me. I was practiacally jumping for joy. "How fun!" she told me, turning back to her dishes. "I know!" I told her, running up the stairs to get my Blackberry. I quickly began to text my best friend, Angel, when my mom asked, "Would you mind helping me with the dishes?" I deleted the text and went to her side, grabbing a towl on the way.

I was saved by the loud echo of the doorbell. "I'll get it!" I told her, spinning around and skipping to the door. "Riley!" A familiar voice squealed. "Angel!" I said, wrapping my arms around her and spinning us around. I know I see her everyday but shes like my sister, I could never live without her. "Guess what?" she shrieked again. "What?" I asked, a smile growing on my face. "Me and you are going to see Justin Bieber!" she screamed, pulling me into another embrace. "I got the tickets, too!" I told her. We both burst out singing 'Baby' and started dancing around like we always do. I took her hands and we spun around the entire front yard, until we crashed to the ground laughing.

We walked in the door togther, still laughing like crazy and talking about what we would wear. "He'll be able to notice you in anything." I sighed, as we walked up to my room. Let's face it; she was beautiful. She has straight black hair that goes past her shoulders and blue eyes. Her complexion is perfect and she has a great body. Me on the otherhand; I'm blonde with a darker shade on the inside of my hair and I have hazel eyes. Just the usual. "What are you talking about?" she said. I began to speak but then she cut me off. "He's more likely to see you! You obviously don't see yourself clearly. Your gorgeous!" she told me, grabbing my face inbetween her hands. "No I'm not." I said inbetween pinched lips. "Look in my eyes. Yes. You. Are." she said, releasing me.

I decided to change the subject. "Do you want to sleepover?" I asked her, already knowing the answer. "Of course!" she shouted, throwing her hands in the air. "Ok, I'll go tell my mom and you set up the mattresses." I told her, opening the door. "Hey, Mom?" I asked as I was coming down the stairs. "Yes, sweety?" she asked, as kind and caring as before. "Angels going to sleepover, kay?" I asked her, but she always let's her sleep over. "Okay. You two have fun!" she called after me as I ran up the stairs.

When I walked into my purple bedroom, I saw the mattresses on the floor and angel gazing out the window. "Everything okay?" I asked, going up to her side. "Oh, yeah! I was just looking at the sunset. It's beautiful, isn't it?" she said turning to gawk at the sky once more. "It's is." I told her. We sat down on the make-shift bed and began to gossip like usual.

"I heard that JB has a new choreographer. I'm pretty sure his name is Ash Willows. Sounds cool, dosen't it?" Ang asked, looking at me. "Yeah, I wonder if he's any goo, though." I said, a smirk on my face. "Guess we'll just have to find out." she said, returning the look. We both were dancers so we always critisized other dancers and choreographers. I always thought that she was better than me, but everyone else since I'm the best.

"Wouldn't that be so cool if we ended up being choreographers?" she asked, a smile growing on her face at the thought. "That would be pretty cool, but I mean, how would that happen?" I asked, gazing curiously at my best friend. "You never know."

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