Falling For You

Chapter 1

New Neighbors

by: MiSS_CRiS
Summer! I lounged in our backyard next to the pool letting the sun soak my skin. I was so happy that school was finally over and that next year I'd be graduating from high school. In this moment I felt as if I was living the good life. Everything was perfect and I loved it; I didn't think it could get any better then this.

"Sweetie!" my mom called out from the back porch. "Ya mom!" I called back unmoving. "Can you take this over to our new neighbors while I get lunch ready?" she asked. I looked over at her; she was holding a vase of freshly picked flowers from her garden and come sort of gift basket. "Um, sure!" I said as I stood and pulled on my shorts and top. I walked our to her and she handed them to me.

I went out the side gate and went over to the next house. My bestfriend used to live there but since her mom had gotten pregnant to twins they decided to sell the house and buy a bigger one that was just up the street. I could hear a bunch of noise in the house as I rang the doorbell hoping I didn't disturb them much. As I waited I looked around remembering all the times I spent in this yard since I was a little girl.

The front door opened revealing a guy around my age. In that second I knew this was gonna be one heck of a summer. "Hi! I'm Jaice, I live right next door. My mom asked me to bring these over as a welcome to the neighborhood kinda thing." I said holding out the flowers and basket. "Thanks!" he said taking them "Ty, whos at the door?" a lady asked who I'm sure was his mom. "Just a neighbor!" he called back looking over his shoulder. "What did you say?" she asked coming up behind him "It's just a neighbor, she brought these." he said handing her the flowers and basket "Ohh how nice, thank you dear!" she said with a smile "You're welcome!" I said with a smile of my own. "I should go, it was nice meeting you." I said taking a step back "It was nice meeting you, tell you're mother I said thank you." his mom said and went back in the house.

Ty stood there holding open the door just starring at me, but it wasn't the kind of stare that would creep people out. "JAY!" I heard someone calling out. I looked over my shoulder and my friends Sharon and Nicole we standing in my driveway waving me over. I looked back at Ty who was looking toward my house "It was nice meeting you!" I said before jogging back over to my house. "Who's that?" Sharon asked looking next door "New neighbors!" I stated taking a quick peek. "At least the people who bought our old house have a cute son!" Nicole said "More like a HOT one who can't take his eyes off of Jaice." Sharon said nudging Nicole in the arm "He's so not starring at me." I said pulling them to the back yard.

My parents had just bought a new house we today was moving day. It was a good thing they decided to move at the begining of summer cause I would've hated having to finish off the last few weeks of school somewhere I've never been. So here I am in our new house helping my dad unpack somethings when the door bell rings. "I'll get it" I said stoping what I was doing.

When I opened the door there was a girl standing there; she was beautiful. All I caught was her name and she lived next door before my mind ran crazy. Her hair was pulled up in bun and some parts were wet, I noted the wasn't exactly dressed to go around introducing herself to new neighbors--considering her hair and the fact that her bathing suit straps were showing she must've been swimming. She was about a head shorter than I am and the color of skin was a golden brown. All I could think was moving here wasn't gonna be half bad with a beutiful girl living next door.

What brought me back was when she handed me a vase of flowers and a gift basket. After my mom took them and she said something that I had completely missed she ran off to meet a couple of girls who were standing in her driveway. I knew I looked like a complete idiot standing there just starring at her but that didn't matter.
End of Tys POV

Later that night as I was getting ready for bed I looked out my window towards the dark room that was once Nicole. I was glad that she only lived a few houses from here now but it would never be the same as it was before. As I stood by the window the light in her old room went on and I saw Ty. I sat at the bay window and watched as he took off his shirt. I felt like a peeping tom but I didn't care because his body was unlike anything I've seen. He looked over at me and I pretended to be looking up at the stars. Instead of going to back to starring when I was sure that he was no longer looking at me I stood and turned out my light before crawling into bed.

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