Best Friends Forever (A Naruto Story)

These stories are requested, so if you like my writing then u can request one! I DO ANYTHING BUT JUSTIN BIEBER AND TYLOR LAUTNER (not including Jacob Black-ill do stories for him :))

Chapter 3

It's Never Too Late To Apologize

"Sasuke? It's me. may I come in?"
"What do you want?"
"Well I have to explain something to you. . .it's hard to really explain but I'll do it anyway because you're my friend; You deserve to know."
He looked a little hurt "You hid something from me, Saruna?"
"No! I mean yeah, but it was only because I was afraid we might not be friends after I told you."
"Is it really that big of a deal?"
"Kind of."

"Wait! So. . .Takaiede-the Great Lady of Pain, who destroyed Konaha 112  years ago is in YOUR body. Is that why you said she sensed Naruto's chakra?" he pointed to me as we sat on his bed.  "And does that explain the glowing gold eyes whenever you fight someone strong?"  
"Yeah. She just kind of comes out whenever she feels like it. . ."
Sasuke looked awed. Then like he didn't believe me. Then he smirked. 
"Your eyes turn gold you fight me."
"And. .hatShat you don't think I think you're strong? I do. . .just not as strong as me." I smiled. 
He rolled his eyes and his lip snarled. Suddenly he got dangerously close to me, eyebrows furrowed. I leaned away and my lips pulled down in a look that just screamed 'What-the-hell-are-you-doing-boy?!'
"What are you doing?" 
"I am trying to see if your eyes turn gold even in the presence of a strong fighter. So far I can't. . zbut maybe. . .maybe I could. . ."
"Could what?" I said now completley comfortable that he was only an inch from my face. He was my best friend; I knew he wouldn't try anything. . .at least when I was so unprepared. 
"Get a little closer. . .only if it of okay with you, Saruna. . ."
"Sure, I guess. . ."
"Okay then. . .stay still" He got a little closer. . .and a little closer. . .and a little closer. "I see it. . .the circle. a tiny gold circle overlapping your sky blue one. . ." he whispered. I smiled. 
"You do. . ."
He smiled back and knodded. 
"Uh. . .Sasuke?"
"Yeah. . ."
"Can you move back now? I'm getting a little self-concious. . ."
"O-oohh, sorry, Saruna." We sat in silence for a minute until he asked me a question… "Can you make me dinner now?"

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