Best Friends Forever (A Naruto Story)

These stories are requested, so if you like my writing then u can request one! I DO ANYTHING BUT JUSTIN BIEBER AND TYLOR LAUTNER (not including Jacob Black-ill do stories for him :))

Chapter 2

Close Call with the Relic of a Hideous Past

 And there it was again. That terribly awkward silence. Lately, it's been happening a lot, and I have a feeling that neither of us knew why it happened so often all the time now.
"You still have to make ms dinner." Sasuke said suddenly. I laughed and we both looked away. I couldn't help but furrow my eyebrows and blush from embarrassment. 'Why am I so awkward?!' I screamed at myself in my head. When I finally turned around Sasuke was deep in thought again. 
"What'cha thinking about?"
"The ninja thing again…" he replied in monotone not even looking into my eyes.  
"I know right? No more playing around."
"You passed?" his dark onyx eyes lit up. 
"That's cool." he smirked as if in relief. 
"Why were you so surprised?" I said my lips in a tight line as I stopped on the trail.  
"Dont get your spandex in a bunch! I'm just saying…you never really tried…" he stopped too. 
"But you KNOW-"
"Yes, I know your chakra is strong and you do have strength and the knowledge but I just think-"
"Think what?!" I shouted infuriated.  
"Shut up! I just thought Iruka might've failed you." he spit out.
"Why, Sasuke? Why would he fail me?" I was growing more impatient by the moment. 
"Dont just 'hn.' me?!"
A long pause as I glared at him and his eyes seemed scared as his jaw clenched trying to look tough. 
"Say it." I glared my chest rising and falling even faster with anger. 
"Say it." my voice cracked. 
"Calm the hell down, Saruna." he said in monotone.
A long pause occured and I was at a point where I was ready to fight him. 
"Say it, and I will." my lip quivering as my eyes began to flicker. 
"Just say it."
"Your eyes are turning-"
"Sasuke just say the damn words-!"
"Okay! Saruna I didn't think you would pass because…"
"Because why?" 
"Dont make me-"
"You know about my temper, Sasuke-"
"This isn't your temper. You aren't like this and you know it!"
"SAY it!"
"Alright! Enough, Saruna! You have the worst scores in the grade." he walked up to me and activated his Sharingan two inches away from my face.
"Is that suppossed to intimedate me, Sasuke?"
"Let's go, Saruna."
"No!" and I pushed him into a building. 
"Saruna you need to go home and relax, okay!" he said in monotone. 
"Make me." I snarled. 
"You really want me to?"
"I'll do it."
"Lets just go. I don't feel like fighting you!" And then I punched him-hard. I was so mad. And then just like that he slammed me into the wall behind me. A squeel escaped my lips but my eyes remained gold. 
"Stop it, Saruna." his big red eyes bore into my gold ones. "You know this isn't you. Please, Saruna, don't be like this. Forgive me and we can go home. Stop being angry." he commanded. 
   I soon became so infuriated a growl escaped my throat and I was no longer Saruna-I was Takaiede. 
  I leapt up and slammed both my fists on his shoulders and ran away. Normally, I would made him unconcious, but I didn't want Sasuke to se me like that. That monster-like side of me. That side that killed and hurt anyone in my way and only did things for my own special purpose-the person who wasn't me. I didn't wan my best friend I'm the world to see that side of me. It was enough to make me cry on the inside. As soon as I got home I rummaged through the pantries looking for the thin gold dagger as Takaiede tried to stop my hands. 
"I need to find that dagger!" I mumbled to myself. 
"Saruna!" Sasuke burst through the door out of breath. 
"Dammit!" I huffed as soon as I got out the knife.  
"What the-" he asked looking at the mess. 
"Are you freakin serious?! You get all freaked out, you pick a fight with me, and then run off! What the hell is wrong with you?!" he growled. 
"Just get out! I can't tell you!"
"err…" he glowered. 
"…" I glared. 
"Get out!"
"You know what, fine…" he hissed. 
 I was going to say something but all I could say was "hmph." as a small smirk from Takaiede crept it's way onto my face. She raised my head and my lip curled while her smirk stayed in place.
"Goodnight, Saruna." he murmured. 
"Please you have to leave!"
And he slammed the door. The tears came to my eyes as I heard him run to his home. 
'Keep in your tears, child.' 
"Oh my God!" 
 It was her. It was Takaiede. The one that put me in so much pain. 
'Scream.' her hushed voice commanded me and suddenly my whole body went numb. And then-
"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" my high-pitched shriek rang through the house. 
I needed my bright red and gold dagger. 
'Don't do it.'
"You can't control me." I growled feeling pain surge through my legs.            
'Yes, I can.'
"No you don't!" And I lifted my shirt to stab the rose on the left side of my abdomen. The pain immediatley cleared and the only pain I had was having to clean up the mess in front of me and then go apologize to Sasuke. Good thing he keeps his back window open. . .or I could just use the door. 

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