Best Friends Forever (A Naruto Story)

These stories are requested, so if you like my writing then u can request one! I DO ANYTHING BUT JUSTIN BIEBER AND TYLOR LAUTNER (not including Jacob Black-ill do stories for him :))

Chapter 1


name: Saruna-Takaiede "Sora" Rinuchihime
eyes: bright violet with much depth 
hair: midnight black
height: 5'3
weight: 99.7 lbs. 
skin: fairly pale not as pale as her best friend
personality: sarcastic, motherly, mean, caring, sensitive to others insensitive to her own feelings, a great listener and advisor, reckless, hot-headed
outfit: deep purple fishnets, black satin short-shorts, a gray fishnet shirt, a tank top and black and red lace-up ninja shoes (lace-up is satin ties pearly white)
age: 12
birthday: July 23

story start:

Sora age 7
"Are you sure we're going to be okay?" 
"Why wouldn't we be, Sora?" my best friend, Sasuke Uchiha replied slightly sarcastic. "We're not babies anymore. We have to go and train and learn to be ninja!"
"Maybe we should just-"
"What?! Maybe we should just what, Saruna?" he said slightly annoyed. 
"Keep your cool! We're here, moron!"
"Dont call me a moron, moron." he replied in monotone. 
"Real original."
"Hello!" cried a young girly voice. 
"Hn." Sasuke replied
"Hi." I replied 
"I'm Ino!"
"You two look new. Oh I just rhymed!"
"We are!" I replied somewhat enthusiastically. 
"Hn." Sasuke agreed. 
"Well the bell is going to ring soon, so we should start getting to class. I hole you guys have fun on your first day and make tons and tons of friends!" "Takina!" Ino sang running to a girl with peach-colored hair and brownish-green eyes.
"Should we like her?" I asked Sasuke. 
"Well Im keeping tabs on everyone here."
"Your right I'm not getting a vibe from her either."
"Im keeping TABS!"
"Including me."
"When have I ever NOT kept a tab on you?" he asked sarcastically. 
"Then Im really good at hiding secret tabs from you." he smirked. 
"hey no your not! I knew all along!"
"Sure you did." he rolled his eyes smirk even wider then it was before. 

-FF- 5 years
"Serves you right! I hate it when you smirk."
"No, you love it and that's why you can't stand it."
"Huh? Sometimes I really try, Sasuke, but I just can't the logical you've got in that awesomely wicked mind."
"Aha! So my mind is awesomely wicked is it?!"
"Oh there we go, here's the cut-off. See you inside the academy."
"Why do you leave at the most crucial part of the morning?"
"Not THE most crucial part, just yours. Selfish." I retorted. 
"I am not selfish. I'm probably the least selfish person you've ever met!"
"Well actually you probably are. However, you come off as the most conceited, but in truth you're only trying to…"
"Trying to…"
"Nothing. Not important."
"Everything you say is impo-"
"You want me to go through the halls with you? Just for today?"
"How about for the rest of eternity." he said sarcastically. 
   We both came to a halt as we approached the building we, the children, were forced to call an academy. To me this place had a lot of fond memories here. I'll always remember praise, friends, and food fights-lots of them. But for Sasuke I can imagine fangirls, praise, fangirls, lots of studying, fangirls, and more fangirls. I could tell that is exactly what his school-life is like considering his cringing. 
"Well here we go. Into the blue."
"Stay with me." he pleaded quietly. 
"You are SUCH an Uchiha." I laughed. 
"Well it is my name genious!"
"You want me to stay or not?!" 
"Lets go." he said pulling my hand to the doors. "You think they're waiting for me?"
"Well not exactly. We always come 10 minutes earlier than we're supposed to. But a few MAY BE smart enough to figure out you come early. So maybe two."
 "Thats good thinking. You know you're a very logical person. I don't know why you dont try hard enough to get scores like mine. I've seen you train, and 'it'…" he said opening a door for me. 
"Cocky much! I don't want any trouble because I know everyone including you will underestimate me in time. Then they'll know, but for now everything and everyone is locked away." we said to each other without expressing to much but a scowl on our faces. 
  Sure enough his fangirls were there, but only the girls from the younger grades. They were the ones that were too scared to act on their (not-real) "feelings" for him. Some of them were pretty, some wore way too much makeup, some tried to grow out there hair considering someone said he liked long hair, and all of them stuffed their bras and made butt pads because another rumor said he liked hourglass figures which I don't understand considering the fact that all men like hourglass figures. The younger grades as well as the older grades the only difference was that the older girls thought because they did that they'd be hot enough for him. 
   In truth Sasuke wasn't that kind of guy. He wasn't shallow but he did love NATURALLY hourglass-figured girls. If he were to ever like a girl it'd be because she was deep and individual. Because she was beautiful not hot. Because she was ruthless yet belived in mercy. Someone who was funny and sarcastic but sensitive to others' feelings. Someone who is caring and insensitive to her own feelings. Someone who was in-charge and in control yet knew how to be a damsal in distress and ask for help. I've always tried to find a girl like that for him.
"Sora watch out!" Sasuke warned. He grabbed me and pulled me tword him so I could avoid the bathroom door that came twords me.
"What is your problem, Sora?! You couldve gotten seriously hurt?!" be whispered I my ear not letting go as the girls squeeled and whispered. We looked at each other and pushed off each other. 
   A girl down the hall looked at me and glared. "What?" 
She rolled her eyes but shuddered and clustered together again     
"I guarantee we're the first ones here." Sasuke whispered. 
"Wanna bet?" 
he looked at me from the corner of his eyes and smirked. 
"50 yen." 
I smirked right back. "Really now?" And I ran down the hall to the classroom. When I opened the door I already saw five girls through the window-all of them just happened to be fangirls.
"Get over here Slowske Uchi-naht-fast!"
"Ooohh, good one." he smiled. "Did I win?"
I just laughed opening the door.
The girls screamed then glared as they saw us. Not because they thought we were walking in together, but because of the fact he was smiling and I was laughing and we were looking at each other with love. 
   But not "love" love but the "I-love-you-like-you're-my-brother" kind of love. But we aren't siblings-it was obvious because I don't look like an Uchiha women. I don't even think Im pretty eventhough Sasuke keeps trying to convince me I am. He always gets so annoyed when I call myself ugly.
    Oh, and the compliment thing we both got over that two years ago. Now that we're almost 13 it didn't really affect us, but Sasuke didn't really care and he was almost never happy. It hurts to reach him when he's down. 
"Why are you snapping in my face?!" I screamed at Sakura-an overly-obsessed fangirl who thought she had a chance with Sasuke eventhough she was ALL WRONG for him. 
"Why did Sasuke smile at you?!" 
"I don't know what you're talking about." I said with a smirk towering over her-I was two inches taller than she was.
"Yes you do! With the smiling and the giggling.
"Well it just so happens Im-!"
"Just leave her alone, Sakura." A four fangirls gasped and stared. 
"Dont push it." he gritted through his teeth but side-smiled at me when no one was looking. 
"I'm sorry Sasuke. I did not know Saruna was your friend…" 
"Shes not (Ouch that hit a nerve) now leave us be. No need for such childish trivial matters in the last month of school. You all need the schooling."
"I didn't know you felt that way." 
"Im sorry Sora."
"Saruna!" I pursed my lips into a pout and narrowed my purple-colored eyes. 
    With so much unsaid Sasuke and I turned to the back of the room separating at the last row. I sat on the side of the window and he sat on the side of the wall. We always sat really far apart from each other so no one would peg us as friends. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't of have done that until today. 'Ugh, you know what?! I really don't care anymore." I sighed looking through the big window of the classroom. I looked at him and used my two fingers to do the "come-over-here" sign. He looked at me from the side and raised his eyebrow in an "you sure?" way. I nodded. So he casually walked over to me and sat down in the seat next to me.                          Luckily, only one of the fangirls saw and she was the one that was afraid of me. Well about 48% of Sasukes fan girls are openly afraid of me, Ive threatened 92%-but not because of Sasuke-and 8% have no idea who I am.
"Um, I kind of forgot to do my homework." I smiled as my hair fell lose from it's clip. That's how the rumor got started about Sasuke liking long hair. When we were ten I grew out my hair and I said I hated it and was going to chop it off with one of my kunai knives at lunch break. I was about to when Sasuke grabbed the knife and said, "No! I like your hair long." when in-fact he only said it because he knew someway or another I was going to botch the job. So then a girl told a girl who told a fangirl who told a fangirl who told more fangirls and soon it blew up. So now because of my handsome Uchiha of a best friend 6/7ths of the girls in the school had long hair. 
  I put my long dark hair back up in the clip and gave a big cheesy grin. He got a really annoyed look on his face. As he helped me out with the worksheet Iruka-sensai had given us. 

23 days later
'It's finally my turn.' I thought with a confident smirk. 'Gosh, I've been hanging around Raven-head too long. I'm smirking just like him and everything.' Then I walked into the room, and became nervous, but had the outter-apearance of a confident person. 'How hard can this test really be? And I've done very well these years which means I'm so prepared it's not even funny...right?'
"Alright, Saruna Ta- Saruna Rinuchihime." Iruka stuttered. He didn't say my full name because the name of Takaiede is banned from the leaf village. "Make 3 clones using your jutsu."
 On the inside I was thinking 'Seriously, that's it?!' but I ended up saying "Oh-okay! I'll try. Is it okay if I make more? I'm not in complete control of all my chakra."
"Of course, Saruna." he knodded. 
  And in the snap of two fingers I made four. 
"Good job, Saruna!…But may I ask: why is your name Saruna-Taka…uh the Great Lady of Pain?" asked a man with snow white hair and cloudy looking eyes. 'I'm spectacle of this one.'
"Because I am her reincar-I'm not allowed to tell you. It's a special clan matter."
"What clan?" he asked again looking almost captivated to find out my story. 
"Im the second of the last of the Rinuchihime clan."
He stared at me, an I didn't like the way he was. It was almost like he thought I was lying. 
"Shes not lying." Iruka said knowingly. 
"Do you posess any abilities of those three clans?" he leaned in his chair. 
"I am not allowed to tell you that…"
"What are you allowed to tell?" 
"We know where to put her." mumbled Iruka-sensai. 
"May I leave now?" 
"Yup! Good job, Saruna!" sang Iruka as he tossed me a headband. I stuffed it in my bra when they weren't looking. "I'll tell him later." I mumbled to myself. 
"Bye, sensai! I'll see you at orientation!"

30 mims later
As I was walking Sasuke was silent not even gloating that i'd seen his headband. "You seem kind of quiet.…Well even more so now."
"Do you even relize we are real ninja now?"
"Yes, and we have to be extra strong. And extra amazing and be able to keep up a good name for our clans!"
"You said your clan name is Rinuchihime?"
"Best friends since we were six and you don't even know my last name! Wow that's just…wow.Tsk. Tsk." I shook my head.
"I know but I just relized... That's why you look like you do."
"What do you mean?"
"You look like an Uchiha women. The silky black hair, perfect nose, pale skin, and the shape of your chin. What is it a breed of Uchiha and…?"
"Barahime and Rinno."
"Ohhh so that's where you get your fisque."
"Youre pretty tall and naturally thin as the Rinno clan. And your cheek bones are fairly sharp, and your eyes are purple-"
"I prefer the term violet"
"Okay then. you have violet eyes like the Barahime clan."
"Well you look 100% Uchiha." I smiled. 
"You sure pay a lot of attention to detail." he snorted. 
"Same." I pretended to not hear the sarcasm he said with it. 
"Well actually it's because you're interesting to look at. The way you look is completely neutral not a single clan-besides the Rinuchihime-that you belong to." 
"Aww, thanks…I think"
"I think that's good. You have a unique face, but it's up to your interpretation."
"You make me feel so pretty." I smiled not really meaning it. 
"Youre making me dinner." he suddenly proclaimed. 
"Ugh! Gosh Sasuke make your own damn dinner for once! We live in separate compounds for my sake! You eat almost as much as Naruto does."
"Yeah, we went for ramen that one time. He even paid instead of asking me for money. He is so sweet!"
"Where has all this come from?"
"I like Naruto. He's cool and hyper!…he's just dumb. He's actually really strong. Takaiede senses his chakra sometimes."
"No way, Naruto?"
"Seriously Sasuke! He's special-I don't know why yet, but he is! I swear by it!"
"Well, if Naruto is special then we are wen more special. You are the second to last of the Rinnouchihime, and I am last of the Uchihas and one of the few Uchiha who actually inherited the Sharingan." he smirked. 
"We are, but Naruto he seems to be more…lethal."
"Do you even here what the hell you're saying?!"
"You'll see…"
"Well he's an idiot, and I pray to God I'm not on his team."
"Well now you just jinxed it you idiot! Go knock on a piece of wood or something!"
"Im not an idiot! I'm going to graduate at the top of the class. And at least Im not a blind idiot like you! Do you honestly see any wood around here?!"
"Shut up idiot."
"God you always make me feel like shi-"
"No cursing! You KNOW how much Im against dirty words!"
"Wow, you're everything I ask for!" he said sarcastically 
"And just a little bit more, huh?" I said equally as sarcastically mirrioring his own stupid smirk. 
"Oh, now you're just quoting that stupid song you love so much!" he rolled his eyes but he smiled and laughed. 
"How can you not like that song?!"
"I don't really like music at all." he shrugged. 
"Dont even go there... music is my world. and how can you hate it if you've got me as a best friend?" I mumbled sadly. Then he gave me a strange look as if something was about to hit him. "Are you okay?"
"Im fine. I didn't want to hurt you…Im sorry, Saruna…"
"Its okay, Sasuke. It's no big deal I know you didn't mean it…"

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