Sworn to be Enemies for Life

Sworn to be Enemies for Life

Im gonna start making all my stories into this form!! Who said I was Cinderella will be out next(= ohhh yea the girl in the pic is of Fiean

Chapter 2

Bahaha Finally another chapter!!:D

"Well....Fi I can't tell you." He said
"RYAANNN!!!!" I complained looking at him.
"FIIIEEEAANNNN!!!" I heard Justin say walking in.
"Get out!" I yelled at him.
"Get out!" He mocked me. I jumped up and lunged at him. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!" He screamed and ran.
"Fi leave him alone!" Ryan called after me.
"Fine!" I said stopping at the foot of the stairs. "I'm going out to get food!" I said and grabbed my purse.
"You can't go alone!" Ryan yelled running down the stairs. grabbing my arm and not letting go.
"Why not?" I asked trying to brake free which wasn't working.
"There are bad people out there!" He said holding up a piece of paper with faces on them. "You need us strong men to protect you!" He said and I snorted at him. "Annd we're hungry to" He added.
"Fine....Lets go boys!" I said and we all walked to the closet resturant to eat. "Table for 4 please" I said smiling at the hot waiter.
"This way, would you like a booth?" He asked.
"We would Love a booth,and I'd love to have your number" I said smiling at him. I'm a flirt I can't help it! The boy's followed rolling their eyes and Justin looked kind of mad.
"Well here's your table and here's my number" He said handing me a piece of paper and seating us. I ended up next to Justin, Me on the inside 'causee I lost at rock paper scissors....Hate that game!!!.
"OMG!!! JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! I LOVEEE YOUR VOICEE!!!! OMG YOURS TO FIEAN!!!" A random strange girl yelled running over to us.
"What are you talking about chica? I don't sing" I said to her. All the guys looked around nervously.
"Yes you do! I saw you singing on youtube!!!" She said. "Can I have your guy's autographs? My friends wont believe I met you guys!" She asked.
"Sure!" Justin said and gave her his autograph. "Fi" He said nudging me. I grabbed it and signed it. When she walked away I looked at the guy's and they looked scared.
"What did you guy's do?" I asked glaring them down.
"Lets eat!!! WAITER!!!!" Chaz said. The waiter came and took our orders. I tried to get it out of them but they kept changing the subject so we basically ate in silence. As we walked to the house I stopped them before they could get it.
"Tell. Me. Now." I said.
"We kinda put those videos of you singing on youtube." Ryan said.
"I'm going to kill all three of you!" I said and they all ran off to Justins house with me chasing them. "DONT RUN YOU WIMPS!!!!!" I yelled running. I tackled them at the door. Pattie opened the door and smiled down at us.
"What did they do this time Fi?" She asked helping me up.
"They didn't ask when they posted videos of me on youtube!" I said and punched Ryan.
"You guy's told me she said it was okay!" She said looking at the boys. "But anyways Justin Fiean I have a suprise for you to!" She smiled at us to which usually she was frowning at us. She led us inside and there sitting on the couch was an old guy.
"Who's the oldie?" I asked looking at him and I got a stern look from pattie. "Sorry who is this man?" I asked turnin on my sweet and innocent looks.
"This is Scooter Braun! He want to be your guy's manger!" She said smiling at us and without even a second glance I left the house. There was no way in heck that I could become a singer let alone a famous singer!
~2 Years later~ (A/N: Sorry for the HUGE time gap buuut I am doing it 'cause within two years nothing really interesting happens)

The only interesting thing that has happened since I met Scooter was Justin became famous and I moved to Alanta to live with my mom, I couldn't live with the fact that I was gonna basically be alone in my house 'cause Ryan and Chaz always left to go visit Justin but they never told me where and my dad traveled alot. So I called up my mom one day and moved I never told Ryan 'cause he never told me and my dad thought it was better for me. I changed alot while living with my mom, I had more temper control and I was more girly I guess you could say and I didn't fight with guy's. Today is a hot and sunny saturday, I groan as I stretch out in my bed I get up and get dressed in my bikini and some shorts (http://www.polyvore.com/beachh/set?id=41741960) then ran downstairs.
"MAA! I'm goin to the beach!" I said running into the kitchen.
"Okay dear have fun" She said and smiled, I grabbed my sunglasses of the counter and ran out the door.
"BYEEEE!!!!!" I said and was gone before she could reply. I was just skipping down the street texting my friend Angel when I bumped into someone and fell on my booty. "OWWWIE!! My booty!" I said standing up and rubbing my butt to make it feel better.
"Ooop's my bad" The person who knocked me down said.
"It's all good! What's your name? You look super familar!!" I said studying the guy infront of me.

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