A Nick J love story part 24

A Nick J love story part 24

Alright people I know it has been awhile and if you cant remeber what happend go read the last chapter and here is the next part

plz comment

Chapter 1

part 24

Once he got to the middle of the stage he stopped and turned toward me and said into the microphone "everyone you all may know my best friend Elizabeth, but right now that best friend part is going to change" I gave him a weird look and then he smiled and said "Elizabeth I have loved you for as long as I have known you and now I only have one question to ask you will you please be my girlfriend?" everyone in the crowd gasped and Nick just looked at me hoping I would say yes I smiled at him and said "yes Nick I would love to be your girlfriend" he smiled the biggest smile ever and picked me up in a hug and spun me around and when he put me down he gave me a passionate kiss and then he yelled into the microphone "GOODNIGHT EVERYONE" and then we ran off stage and Nick hugged me again and then we all headed for the tour buses. Once we got on the bus me,Nick and Joe went to the back lounge to watch TV. I cuddled up next to Nick on the couch and after awhile I slowly started to fall asleep. NICK POINT OF VIEW At one point while we were laying in the couch I looked down at Elizabeth and saw she was asleep next to me I smiled at her and then looked up at Joe and said "I think I made the right choice getting Elizabeth back" Joe nodded his head and said "I agree,I think everyone is glad you're back with Elizabeth because to tell you the truth everyone kinda hated Katie." I gave him a weird look and said "really" he was like "yeah because she might of been nice around you and everything,but when you weren't around she was kinda mean to everyone especially to Elizabeth" "oh I didn't know,but how come she never told me Katie was mean to her?" he looked down and said "well because she thought that if she told you that Katie was mean to her that you would think Elizabeth was jealous." "oh" Joe was like "yeah well I'm going to bed so see you in the morning" I said "ok goodnight" and then he left and I just stayed in the lounge thinking and at about 11 Elizabeth woke up and said "hey Nick,what time is it?" I said "11" "oh,whats the matter Nick" I was like "oh nothing just thinking about something" she looked down and said "oh". It got quiet for a little till I broke the silence and said "hey Elizabeth,while I was dating Katie was she ever mean to you?" NORMAL POINT OF VIEW-Nick was acting really weird and kept asking me questions about when he was with Katie,but I just annswered him anyways "well ummm yeah she was mean to me" he looked at me serious and said "how come you never told me I mean I would have believed you" I looked down and said "well because I thought you wouldnt believe me and even if you did believe me I knew Katie would say something to make you change your mind,so thats why I didnt tell you" "oh ok ell its late so why dont we get some sleep" I said "ok" and then cuddled up to Nick and we got comfortable on the couch and went to sleep.


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